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Erin · 7/11/2015

This app is not good. I keep waiting for it to be fixed, but data just shows up and hides itself randomly. Its really poor and Todoist seems to have little concern about making this app useable. Very sad.

Christopher · 9/8/2014

It is great that Todoist has a Windows App but this App is very restricted making this App pretty much a View Only App. I love Todoist but hate this App. Please update this App so don't have to find another cross-platform ToDoList!

john · 7/2/2013

This version still needs some work. It would be nice if you could show the dates that each task was due.

TerryDiederich · 6/24/2012

Nice, very basic interface to Todoist. Needs a few bells and whistles before I'll use it over the mobile website, such as the ability to edit a task or the option to not show completed tasks. Shows promise.

omars · 11/24/2011

Email tasks from Gmail and outlook show up terrible with the guid in the name of the task

ThatMikeDude · 7/12/2011

My only real problem with this is a big one, IMHO. You cannot add ToDo items unless you have an active internet connection. If this is not a problem for you, then this works well with todoist. But for me, I don't always have my phone 3G enabled. I rely more upon wifi to keep data usage down. Either way, why couldn't you allow it to work and then sync when a connection is available. I think that most apps should adopt a "sometimes connected" paradigm unless they absolutely need constant refreshing with cloud or servers. It would also be nice if it retained the indentations in your online list. But that's very minor. Overall, if you have a constant data connection and use Todoist, this is a great app. If not, it may not suit you.

Brantley · 2/25/2015

Would not allow me to login with multiple password resets and login verifications

Amir · 11/5/2014

Not good

Kevin · 9/12/2014

I agree. This windows version is almost useless. I was thinking of upgrading to premium because it works so great on my tablet but if it does not work well on my phone, I will have to start looking elsewhere.

Brett · 12/27/2012

Basic viewing but editing is mostly broken.


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