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Aaron · 7/13/2015
Some Articles do not display well.

Some articles do not display well , or display well on 1080p. While reading articles, often times I will see the last few lines of text display off screen with no function to scroll down. This problem almost seems like the advertisement at the top is to large, and bumping the text down, and the application has no function to trigger the scrolling. Maybe the devs use larger displays and do not see this issue while testing. The content is good, and just another way to read tom's.

mike · 2/15/2015
Great App but....

I like the site and I go to almost everyday if not every other day. Although I took points for when you go through the review section the pictures hardly ever show. Other that the app is functional except for the pictures not showing.

Steve · 7/4/2014

Still seeing a gap between the top bar and the article title which tends to cut off at the bottom text on lower res screens.

Toddrico · 12/29/2013
Tom's Software

This app is broken and is not worth the time. The articles display okay most of the time but all of the reviews do not, you can't scroll down to see the whole article so I end up having to switch to the web page.

Zachary · 12/22/2013
Great content, but the app needs a redesign

While the content is the same great stuff found online, this app needs a lot of work. It seems as if this app was never tested by the authors and I'm surprised it was accepted by the store. The text for each article typically gets cut off on the edges of the screen, so you can't even fully read most articles. Tons of articles will just display "sorry this article is no longer available". Why even display the title then? There are also bugs where it crashes if you tap on a photo and many photos don't even show up properly. The app has all the trademarks of someone who hasn't ever built a real piece of software before...

Richard · 11/23/2013
Type Size.

It would be nice if there was a way to increase font size. For most people the fonts may be great, but what about your older readers.

Jerry · 11/22/2013
Tom's Hardware

Nice and clean. Straight to the point.

Anthony · 11/15/2013
Good... and Bad

I've lowered the rating another star. They STILL have not fixed the issue with the text at the bottom being cut off. Also, time and time again, you click on a story and there is nothing displayed - sometimes you get a message about the story being removed. If it's been removed, then remove the tile from the main screen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now, I can only give this an average rating. I like that everything is there for you to browse, but once you get into a story and reach the bottom of the screen..... wait... what happened? Where is the rest of the story? Nowhere to be found. This happened time and time again, and is just downright annoying! If they fix the interface to display the WHOLE story and provide a little more information in some stories, this would be a first rate app, and an enthusiasts dream app.

jt · 11/10/2013
Bug found

Best graphics cards for the money section doesn't show all pictures

Randy · 11/2/2013
Ok, but...

I enjoy Tom's news, but this app is too buggy. Immediate improvements must include: - change the font - it is too difficult to read for long periods - add zooming ability to page content. It shouldn't be approved for metro without this mandated UI capability - enable copying. Countless times I've blown off a product because I couldn't copy a model number or some other piece of info for further research.



  • Access to reviews and test data on CPUs, Motherboards, Graphics Cards (GPUs), Storage (HDD, SDD, NAS) and more
  • Access to the latest news and reports on new product releases
  • Ability to share content via both Facebook and Twitter
  • Option to preload articles for offline reading
  • Easy to install, no maintenance required

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