• Open torrent files and download content
  • Open magnet link directly from browser
  • Switch Torrent RT to Snapped view and continue using your tablet for other tasks
  • Open downloaded files directly from Torrent RT
  • Limit upload / download speed
  • Download files directly to SD card or USB drive
  • Download files from torrents selectively
  • Set priority to your downloads
  • Search for torrents on 30+ trackers without leaving Torrent RT, or even directly from Windows Search
  • Set your own custom backgrounds
  • Stream video and audio files while download is still in progress
  • Multi torrent tracker support

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Version Notes

- Fixed download for torrents added from search page - Added official German translation

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811 ratings

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Alyssa · 7/7/2015
Not working

Was working great until the app started closing on me and deleting my movies. Please fix.

Reviewer 8686 · 5/5/2015


Rayovacman · 1/22/2015

ok nice. back up again

Oscar · 9/26/2014

It works but when you click on something to download to shuts off

Mathew · 9/28/2013
not great

this isn't really working all that great. I suppose if it would run in the background, I would give it more stars.

Hedgehog · 5/2/2015

Just what I needed! Worked fine, no bugs that I could find. Only suggestion that I could make is that with the option to change the interface background, they added the option to change the text color on the interface as well. Overall, handy little tool to have.

Reviewer 7672 · 5/13/2015
Expected failure

It started out great but after downloading movies it would delete and make me start all my downloads over after closing the window. Its one a scheme to make you buy the paid version or this app just needs more work. Oh and if your wondering my personal tablet is bad### as f### so yeah no problems on my end of the stick.

walt · 7/21/2015
Very insight the best

Great fun for everyone

Ivan · 3/18/2015
Sometimes good, sometimes not

It gets the job done but sometimes you're seeding and the next time you start up the app the files are gone!! This app deletes them!!

G · 2/7/2015
ads but no bkgd dl'ing

this free version has ads (which, fair enough) but they still turned off background downloading too -- making this version fairly useless.

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