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Thomas G. · 7/29/2015

Rarely doesn't run under lock screen but GPS is accurate and is easy to use.

richard · 7/27/2015

Clean and simple. Real nice app

Tabitha · 7/12/2015

Simple and easy to use app! Have been using it for a week and it's great for keeping me on track with my workouts. I like how it tells you what to do when...much easier than when I used to try to do c25k off a sheet of paper. The only thing to be aware of is that you can't use any other apps on your phone while using the c25k app. But, since it's for running anyway, this really doesn't bother me as long as I get my Pandora set up before I start. :)

Joe · 7/14/2015

It's great. I enjoy it because I view it as a casual running app opposed to some hardcore workout. This app is awesome.

Cassie · 7/6/2015

Love that it gives me the stats of my run so I can track my progress, and it maps my run so I can see other potential routes. Makes running less daunting, more tangible goals.

Sondi · 7/17/2015

It has voice commands that say "run", "walk" and "half way". Is good because you can still play music while using the app and it will dim your music while it gives the command then return it to normal. Great C25k app.

John · 6/18/2015

The inability to manually lock your screen without the app automatically pausing makes this basically useless.

Pam · 6/25/2015

Excellent app, would just like a little more enthusiastic/encouraging voice 😊 . Other than that, it's great!

Anne · 7/17/2015

I can listen to the radio and the voice tells me when to walk and when to run.

Emma · 6/9/2015

Works great, very useful and helpful. Wish it wouldn't pause when I leave the app to do something else for a second, but overall very happy with it