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solderpersian · 9/5/2012

Block. For Iran :(:(:(:(:(:(

Julie · 5/8/2013

It's nice that you can hit the back button and not exit the program. However, it doesn't return you to your previous scroll location. It refreshes the page and starts you at the top. It also doesn't allow you to open links or pictures in new tabs like a browser does. I end up having to share links with only myself in order to save them for review later.

Blaze · 4/14/2013

Thank you for a functional and easy to use Facebook app!

Lloyd · 3/28/2013

Great app. No adds, responsive interface, loads videos in the app, matches theme accents, stable.

Jonathan · 3/23/2013

Its pretty decent. Better than the other Facebook apps available on the store at this time. Looks like a wrapper for the mobile site but the additional back button REALLY makes a difference since the standard windows phone 8 back button exits the app. Overall the best one out thus far. The Microsoft one kind of sucks right now.

Keefer · 1/12/2013

I personally thought this was the best one out so far, there's no ads, its practically just the web's mobile versions with tweaks, although, I don't think it has push notifications...but over all, better than all the rest

jackson · 11/1/2012

App is practically good but I wish I can type using horizontal mode for easier typing coz keyboard for windows kinda small hard for me to type fast

User · 10/26/2012

Its a good app Excepts it doesn't let you save pics and it doesn't have a back button But other than that its good.

Player209447440 · 9/29/2012

Like this app alot does pretty much everything although need some minor updates plus Arabic language support, back button to news feed, connection slow down sometimes but overall like it.

laughtilldeath · 8/28/2012

A very decent app. Similar to what it is on android and IOS Though at times connection error kept cropping up. But much better than what the windows official Facebook app has to offer


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