• Quickly delete a message by pushing up on the tile
  • Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Office 365, iCloud and many IMAP email providers
  • See profile pictures and logos of senders
  • Spot the most important messages at a glance
  • Multiple accounts and full folder support all in one place
  • One-touch filters to see just unread messages or attachments
  • Add signatures to your emails
  • Color code messages by sender -- spouse, coworkers, clients, etc.
  • Read your email even when you're not online

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Version Notes

Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 • Fix Windows 10 bugs that caused crashes • Support for pasting images into messages • Restore your last view when you return to the app Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 • Full screen read and compose • Auto-saving drafts • Bug fixes and stability improvements when sending messages • Auto-detect more providers: Cox.net, 1and1.com, att.net, SBC Global, Comcast • UserVoice feedback integration for help and feature requests • UI improvements in half-screen and docked view Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 • Faster tile animations Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 • iCloud account support • Support for accounts with custom usernames (not email address) • Improved auto-discovery of account settings • Bug fixes and performance improvements Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 • Stability improvements to user-reported issues when starting TouchMail Release notes ( - Windows 8.1 • Full folder support to view all folders and move messages to folders • Save and edit drafts • UI redesign for one-touch access to accounts and filters • Tap group headers to select all at once • Sort by Time or Sender in one tap • See account status and last updated time at a glance

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John · 7/27/2015

This product is very clean. Comparable to Mymail. IT's organized and very easy to follow without being plain and unattractive. My only real complaint at this moment is that it only will load emails from the last 2 months, nothing more. So for day-to-day, it works great, but if I need to find something from a while back, then I have to get on another way.

Reviewer 0405 · 7/28/2015
Easy to use

Very intuitive and easy to use for multiple email accounts.

Reviewer 8087 · 7/28/2015
Very Disappointed in the 7/28/15 Update

I like the general look and feel of the app, but it seems as if the last update is a step backwards. I now have to delete the sent from TouchMail piece in my e-signature every single email because it won't allow you to uncheck the box to remove it in settings. On replies and forwards it will only inserst the sent from TouchMail piece, so I not only have to delete that but type in my actual e-signature. Considering they have already ignored me on 2 other issues I've sent to them, you would think they would actually improve the app instead of reducing functionality. Since I can't get any sort of response from the developer I don't expect this to be on my laptop much longer.

Reviewer 2292 · 7/25/2015
Good concept for touch screens-almost perfect

PROS Better for touch devices than standard email Nice grouping options Quick searching Icons for identified senders is nice Notifications integrated with windows (nice feature) Nudge gesture works well for email selection CONS Loads a little slow Random icons for emails is a little distracting (and I don't see options to set your own icons) Search doesn't appear to search all folders... just current folder Don't see any options for sorting emails Can't move emails to folders with gestures (drag and drop) Gesture to hold/delete is confusing No sophisticated mail options (automatic filing of emails, forwarding,etc) For that matter- very limited configuration options Would like to see more gestures

Reviewer 8362 · 7/22/2015
Innovative way to access email

I like the way TouchMail has transformed the way we read and reply to emails from the old and boring way to a visually pleasant and colorful presentation/navigation. Great app.

Erson · 7/23/2015
Great Mail App for Win 8.1 and 10!

Easy to use! Enable scheduling/snooze like inbox/outlook for android/ios and more than 3 accounts and it's easily a 5 star app! Currently contact import seems to be broken.

Reviewer 8185 · 7/24/2015
Really Like it

This app is perfect for someone like me that has multiple e-mails. The mail comes in boxes that are easy to read as well.

Reviewer 5925 · 7/22/2015
Very great interface!

Very easy to use, and very great design.

Andy · 7/17/2015
Good app but not perfect

I like this app. It's easy to use, great for touchscreens, easy to configure, and looks nice. But, it looks like it doesn't show emails older than 2 months. Some folders are also missing from my Yahoo! Mail account which is connected to TouchMail, such as Spam, which isn't useful usually but a good place to check if an email that you were supposed to get doesn't show up.

Pamela · 7/18/2015
could be a bit easier

I like having all my e-mail accounts in one place! Yay. My only issue is finding a quick button to my contacts. Oh, and when you expand your list of folders, finding a quick tab to close out the expanded column.

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