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Max · 2/6/2015

Not good. I found many duplicates for the same mountains. The photos or webcam are inaccurate. I searched Mt. Evans, CO, and it shows two results. One of them seems completely unrelated (photos of Oregon), the other shows an unnamed ski lift webcam (Evans does not even have a ski area). The weather info is for Berthoud Pass, even though Evans has a weather station. The app itself isn't great either. I can't change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and the flag icon just gives me an error message. It constantly bugs me about nothing being in my radius, even though I hit cancel each time. Better off using Google!

Simon · 7/8/2014

Does barely work (offline content saved!) especially when there are a lot of mountains, like it's the case in Austria. Would be okay for five Euros, but not the fifteen I've paid.

Scott · 7/17/2013

Polished design that looks great and takes advantage of the Modern Interface. Neat to learn the names of those peaks on the outskirts of town. Would benefit from some way to adjust the bearing (i.e. manual offset) to account for minor variation in phone's compass.

RichDr · 11/9/2011

Intriguing app, lots of information. Needs more work before it is useful for identifying peaks visible on the horizon.

Joe · 5/24/2015

Fun app to use.

André · 12/14/2014

Very cool app! This is truly the best app to recognize peaks worldwide. And very good support in case of questions.

Parker · 9/26/2014

Changing my previous review. The latest update fixed my offline USA database problem. Way cool app.

Erik · 11/4/2014

Everything I want for peak finding in the field; great supplement to my map & compass.

Jorge · 3/31/2014

Great app and would give it 5 stars if I could get the USA map to download on my phone. It installs 100% then I get an error. I have a nokia lumina 900

Oswaldo · 2/14/2014

Perfect app!! - in Los Angeles California


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