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David · 8/17/2015
Great idea/Good app!

Great app for keeping track of your life on the planet. A bit expensive, when you start adding up all the extras. But, I can't tell you how many times I've used the backup/restore feature - when it works.

Sterling · 8/1/2015
Cool concept

Great idea to be able to map where you have been (especially when you travel often) without having to "check-in". However, I have experienced frequent crashes when trying to look at my location detail and time, many times unable to open the app for a while. Many times it will take minutes trying to find my location, and sometimes it will crash, and start over on reopen. Several times I have gotten the "Not able to track you for 2 days", which means it missed the entire trip for me. When I tried to look at the details, it crashed... I have had it several weeks and still have not been successful in getting a real picture of all of the information being tracked. Hope you all are able to fix the instability and lag issues, as well as accessibility of information. I would try it again.

Jhordan · 7/20/2015

Fun to use. Needs more options for daily tacking though not just work and pleasure you know lol

Gregory · 7/8/2015

Much improved, almost back to its original glorious usefulness (yet cant believe there is not anymore any way to simply review the last few days and see review of past 7, 30 and 365 days....) note to all developer : Providing functions and features initially for free and then removing them or turning them into purchasable extra is one of the best way to infuriate your early followers and to earn much deserved low reviews... In essence, think thoroughly before you offer a feature for free (unless its a trial or beta) because once you did there is no turning back without hurting your reputation

Ian · 7/17/2015

Pretty good but a wee bit clunky and misses some. Limited support even with paid.

Kimberly · 7/3/2015

When I can get it to work Its great.. I wish I could find a way to take a logged place or favorite and set it to my map for directions from my current location.. It may be possible now I just don't know how

Jordan · 6/5/2015

Nice and simple to use. Works well. Would like to see bread crumb trail of travel in between locations maybe different colors to show the order of travel. May not be what the app is designed for but would be very handy for me. But good app does what it says.

Nicholas · 7/29/2015

Unable to determine a location frequently, thus statistics not accurate. Concept is great though.

Noah · 7/9/2015

This app is incredibly precise and accurate, while not impacting my battery life in the slightest.

Firdaus · 8/16/2015

Used to work Super!! Now very haphazard. Hardly works.


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Fixed issues that caused the background agent to stop collecting data in some cases.