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Angelariy · 6/3/2014

Does not work when phone is in standby, screen must be on, photo app stopped recording of the track. Lumia 521 Win 8.0. Uninstalled it.

Pushpal · 9/1/2013

This app has so much potential, but it's almost useless if you can't search anything. Just shows the loading screen, but never actually completes the search.

TheRealScottR · 8/25/2012

It kinda stinks. Hard to find trails.

Alex · 6/22/2015

Search doesn't show trails using the following filters: Zip, activity type, proximity. I tried it on HTC One M8 windowsphone. Without functionality mentioned above this app is useless. Thanks.

Ron · 1/18/2014

Worked as far as getting the distance for a 2 mile walk. But it said the walk took 2 hours when it was only 40 minutes. It did continue to run under a lock screen.

Gavin · 8/10/2013

Could be better. 'Map' tab is useless as it only lets you see a static map of about ~100 meters around your current location, instead of perhaps showing a decent typological map with flagged areas of interest. And maybe more features similar to Yelp, but for trails and nature experiences. I would pay for something like that.

User · 8/3/2013

Awesome App. It contains useful info, pics and you can record your own trail.

Daniel · 5/19/2013

Too many "tests", clutters the real hikes.

Peter · 12/23/2012

Love that app. Thank you for supporting Windows Phone

Fuzzy Logician · 10/3/2012

Great app but people add a lot of routes that aren't really trails... They're just random routes they took. Aldo, people add personal photos of themselves that have NOTHING to do with the activity or trail.