• Text translation - Type and translate text into more than 40 languages.
  • Camera translation - Translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any printed text with your device's camera in an instant.
  • Text to speech - Hear translations spoken with a native speaker's accent.
  • Offline translation - Translate when you are not connected to the Internet and when you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges by using downloadable offline language packs.
  • Translate from anywhere - Translate text from other Windows Store apps using the Share charm. Just select and share
  • Multitask with Snap View - Translate quickly while doing other tasks by snapping Bing Translator to the right or left of your screen.

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Sergii · 7/30/2015

Pretty good. Would be the best if it has built in dictionary which can provide options for word translation. Some bugs with camera translation after which you will see only green screen. Fixing by phone reboot.

Reviewer 5368 · 7/24/2015
sometimes good

after somr time of use, i'm begining to have a better sense of this app. i have to say, most of the time,when i translate something easy, it really gives good results.however, as sentences get complex, the qualitiy of the translation drops greatly.sometimes it simply doesn't make any sense at all. also, it takes some time to get the meaning of a simple word. in a word,it is not really an app that can be put to the category of being especially good, but it can make do.

Lisa · 7/29/2015

This App is the absolute best!! Easy to use & most effective.

Cordell · 7/21/2015
Excellent Applicaiton

Really excellent with the translations. I would like to see it made easier e.g. short-cut keys etc. to be able to copy and paste translated text since the application will more than likely be used with some other IM tool or document that you're translating. Good job either way guys.

Godfrey · 7/18/2015
Live Tile Needs to be Looked At

This is a very good app. It translates languages quite well. However, it's Live Tile needs to be looked into. At its large size, the picture corresponds well with the text. The same with the medium size. At the wide size, however, things are weird. Today's word of the day is "This round is on me." At its large size, you see people drinking the beer. At the wide size, however, their is a photo of a guy who has probably missed his plane. That does not correspond with buying of rounds at all. I have seen this sort of thing for a few days. Pictures in the wide size live tile not corresponding with the word of the day. This needs to be looked into.

j · 7/21/2015

Great for Lumia 635 and 640. I find that the translations are better than Google translator, in that it is less a literal translation (word for word) and better able to get my meaning across. Will need the Clipboarder app to copy/paste , but that is easy to locate in the Microsoft store. Would highly recommend this app!

Reviewer 4474 · 7/29/2015

If you want to learn the basics, then this is the app to learn from. Easy to use and understand.

Randall · 7/20/2015
Love it

Great, simple, could use more realistic translations as well as multiple translations.

Tony · 7/16/2015

Accurate translations, but for certain words, it'll provide a translation that is practically the same word in English that I'll then have to look up. Having multiple translations per word would be preferable. Additionally, the live tile does not show masculine/feminine rules, which are key in other languages. However, the image translation is super impressive, helps when reading difficult texts for classes and being able to download the offline packs is a huge plus. Overall, great with a few minor hiccups.

Kurt · 7/18/2015

Needs quick way of switching translation direction between two languages, list on both sides makes learning tedious. Otherwise great translator from one language into another.

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