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- This update checks for new firmware that gives your Treasure Tags an even better connection with your phone

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Patrick · 1/16/2015

Works as advertised! Would be nice to interact with other apps not just with the Lumia selfie app. Keep the good work! Awesome..

Sam · 4/23/2015

More stable now after recent update. Please add more tag icons like Umbrella, USB thumb drive, and etc. Or allow users to setup their own icon images. Showing a low battery icon and I don't see which one is running low on battery.

Peter · 3/18/2015

Just switched to an 830 with Denim from an 820 with Cyan. Tag worked before, then didn't with new phone. Someone on Store thread recommended taking out and replacing battery while pushing Tag button, and that worked for me.

Franklin · 3/2/2015

It is good, but on the phone app should be able to setup other alert sounds, this is a critical app, if something missing is very hard to hear a warning from a phone, mean someone take your key or wallet been stolen but can't listen the alarm

Tom · 2/23/2015

Nokia 920 and 1020 with two different tags and new batteries: When it works, it works well. Unfortunately after a couple of days (or often less) a msg pops up that SOMETHING WENT WRONG thus requiring the tag be repaired by removing the battery and such. Sadly I can not recommend it as it's unreliable.

Shawn · 2/28/2015

Useless. Just links to app in store. Even if I install never allows adding tag Update does little more. Waste of money and time.

David · 2/8/2015

I love the App and the quiet mode setting. It works fine. I wish tags were smaller...

Kit · 1/28/2015

Very cool concept. Had already become useful! Need to dial in the accuracy - alerts keep happening even when phone and keys are in separate pockets. Love the quiet mode by Wi-Fi - has alleviated most of issues. Needs to add it to location. I don't have Wi-Fi at work. Keys and phone are constantly ringing when I leave my desk

Paul · 1/10/2015

This app has so much potential, but needs work. So need a button, Yes I left my items behind. Quite hours, randomly it alarms when my keys are right next to me. More interactive display for find nearby items.

Bhushan · 12/3/2014

Pretty inconsistent ,after the phone gets locked . Many times the phone doesn't ring when it is locked after you press the button on the tag . You need to unlock the phone ,open the app and then it works fine for sometime. The phone simply doesn't recognize the button press from the tag after it is locked. Microsoft please solve this issue . Lumia 1520 user.