• Put your cards in lists to track progress, categorize things, or just make sense out of the chaos of life. Lists are fully customizable, and also terrifically wind-resistant.
  • Invite as many people as you want to a board. Board members can all add cards, make changes, upload attachments, and more.
  • Assign cards to board members, and everyone will be able to see what everyone else is working on. The assigned folks also get handy notifications sent to them.
  • Add a checklist to keep on top of all those little to-dos.
  • Got a relevant file, image, or document? Attach it right to the card, and you’ll never have to go scrambling through your inbox looking for it later.
  • Email notifications and an activity log keep you informed of the latest changes. You can also subscribe to specific cards to get timely information on what you care about the most.

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Reviewer 0035 · 7/15/2015
Practically Broken

I use Trello on my Browser and on my mobile devices, the advantages being that I still have access to Trello offline on my devices. I hoped for the same with the Win8 app but unfortunately, other than viewing my lists, I can't do anything else without it falling apart. Any editing to my board (e.g. adding a list, adding a card , editing card details) is usually not registered and, in some cases, causes the app to crash. I strongly suspect it's a syncing issue as I do not have this issue with the Android variant. I sincerely hope they fix this issue as it's more convenient to use the app and not clutter my desktop. It's UI is also decently set up although they need to make the List editing features more apparent. Currently, you need to Zoom out to do so and I only figured that out by chance. In a nutshell, decent UI. UX is awful. I'll still be opening this app quite frequently to see if it is fixed so this review may be changed in the future.

Marty · 7/18/2015
I had high hopes for this app

I like using windows 8 because its fast. I thought of giving Trello a try for organizing my tasks instead of what I currently use (Outlook 2013) but this app did not function for uploading a new cover. 2/5, will re-review if issues are fixed.

Sarkis · 6/10/2015
Trello is great; this app is immature

The "sync" does not appear to work well, and does not update all information (I am still listed on the main screen as my original Trello-assigned user name, but the new one shows up in the lists). I love the product, and would love a good Windows touch application. Please keep working on it.

Reviewer 7448 · 7/24/2015
App not worth the time to learn it

This app is difficult to use and sometimes counterintuitive. Very confusing to add another list or a checklist, very confusing to archive and delete cards and objects. My advice is to just use the website. Everything on the site is laid out in a much more intuitive way and allows for quick workflow.

Reviewer 6233 · 5/28/2015
Trello app on Surface Pro 3

I use Trello for everything, on my Windows 7 PC at work and my Nexus 5. I recently got a Surface Pro 3, and installed the Trello app... this version is barely functional. Basically, I can open cards. I can add new cards. Can't move them, often am able to highlight a button, but it doesn't do anything. The Pen doesn't work at all, so left with the imprecision of my fingers. But basically....PLEASE fix this....I love this project planning tool!

Reviewer 8464 · 5/23/2015
Good, though a bit basic.

Not bad. Can't do everything the web app can, but hopefully updates keep coming. Good project management app.

Reviewer 6797 · 5/27/2015
Very disappointing compared to Android/iOS/Web

Trello is an incredible tool. The web version is quite powerful and the experience on an iPad or even an Android smart phone is beautiful. However, the Windows 8.1 app is incredibly lackluster. This app needs a major refresh.

Corey · 7/29/2015
Just use the web app.

Almost every feature that makes the Trello web app useful is missing, or difficult to use in this terrible app store clone. If it wasn't published by Trello's company I'd have assumed it was an imposter's copycat shovelware.

Josh · 4/3/2015
Not feature complete

Missing a lot of features: no editing checklists (convert to card), custom tags don't carry over, no stickers, no custom background, no mention dropdown auto-complete list. Looks a bit bland in comparison to the website. However, it is still much more touch friendly than the website so it is easy to browse my projects.

Kyle · 3/30/2015
Appreciated, but unfinished.

I currently use Trello on my android phone and tablet, and my SO is using it on her iPhone and iPad. On both Android and iOS, Trello is a very polished, easy to understand and use app. The Windows 8.1 App variant, on the other hand, is unfinished. I applaud there even being a Windows 8.1 app, and the use of native Windows elements for touch UI is nice, but the design flair and basic touch functionality (like moving elements to a different card by long-touch-drag) are non-existent. I appreciate that Trello made the app, but hopefully they will continue to work on it and refine it, especially with the advent of Windows 10 coming up and the by-default cross-platform compatibility with Windows 10 for phones and small tablets.

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