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Duc Thuan · 8/21/2015

When I tried to open Trello after one day of installation. It appear then disappear. I can not open it. Uninstalling and reinstalling...

Reviewer 5597 · 8/18/2015
Crashes frequently, falls short of the web interface

I like the clean, minimalist design. I love having a desktop application for it and the level of organization that can be achieved. I dislike how frequently it crashes and the difficulty that comes with making changes to tasks, descriptions, checklists, among other things. The buttons have been unresponsive at times and lacks the intuitive UI that the Trello online leverages so well. Great potential, but a bit to frustrating to use at this juncture.

Michael · 8/22/2015

Sorry, I am a paying user, but this Windows 8 app is not usable. It won't even load my cards, once I enter a board. Got stuck in an infinite loop in the account login window, while behind it, I was already logged in. I will stick with the web interface. Very sorry to have this experience, Trello is a great product. You need to put this app in Trello and start squashing these bugs.

Sam · 8/4/2015
Some suggestions

The icon to editing the list of lists is not intuitive. It is hard to find. Also, When I switch to a board the window title is still 'Trello'. I like to be able to open up multiple windows at the same time for different boards. Not sure if it is supported on Windows or not.

Mohaiminul · 8/10/2015
An awesome project management utility

Most simple and powerful project manager I have ever used. Pretty simple and straightforward approach to make an intuitive everyday workaround app.

Reviewer 5835 · 8/9/2015
Why does this look different?

I LOVE Trello! I hate this app! Why is everything all white? And why are all of the options and menus hidden? Why does Trello look different on my home PC (the white sucky version) than it does on my office computer (the blue familiar version. Both are running windows 8.1. If you want to maintain fluidity across platforms then they should all look and feel the same. Once again I love Trello and I hate this app!

Reviewer 0035 · 7/15/2015
Practically Broken

I use Trello on my Browser and on my mobile devices, the advantages being that I still have access to Trello offline on my devices. I hoped for the same with the Win8 app but unfortunately, other than viewing my lists, I can't do anything else without it falling apart. Any editing to my board (e.g. adding a list, adding a card , editing card details) is usually not registered and, in some cases, causes the app to crash. I strongly suspect it's a syncing issue as I do not have this issue with the Android variant. I sincerely hope they fix this issue as it's more convenient to use the app and not clutter my desktop. It's UI is also decently set up although they need to make the List editing features more apparent. Currently, you need to Zoom out to do so and I only figured that out by chance. In a nutshell, decent UI. UX is awful. I'll still be opening this app quite frequently to see if it is fixed so this review may be changed in the future.

Moses · 8/24/2015
Down UI Design, App closes itself suddenly

First off is comparing its design to the web app or android and ios; very disappointing. Second is a major bug that makes this windows app close itself once it's been launched. No idea what causes it, it just happens.

Gary · 8/19/2015
Love Trello, don't like this app

Trello is a fantastic program and works incredibly on both my iPhone and in a browser on my computer. I thought I would give the app for Windows 10 a try and found it to be sub-par for everything I have seen with Trello. Less editablility, no color, just plain flat. I instantly deleted it and will continue to use my iPhone and a browser. I gave it 2 stars because Trello is so awesome usually.

Ehud · 8/23/2015
It's okay

The data is all there, but the web interface is much better looking and easier to work with than the app



  • Put your cards in lists to track progress, categorize things, or just make sense out of the chaos of life. Lists are fully customizable, and also terrifically wind-resistant.
  • Invite as many people as you want to a board. Board members can all add cards, make changes, upload attachments, and more.
  • Assign cards to board members, and everyone will be able to see what everyone else is working on. The assigned folks also get handy notifications sent to them.
  • Add a checklist to keep on top of all those little to-dos.
  • Got a relevant file, image, or document? Attach it right to the card, and you’ll never have to go scrambling through your inbox looking for it later.
  • Email notifications and an activity log keep you informed of the latest changes. You can also subscribe to specific cards to get timely information on what you care about the most.

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