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Dave · 7/18/2015

Where have you been my whole life!!!! Just went from iPhone to Windows Phone and I was surprised at how basic the standard calendar was. This should be the true standard Windows phone Calendar. I love the month view. I can see all my event details throughout the month at an easy glance. Thank you developer!! Please don't change this app! Its perfect!

Todd · 7/31/2015

This is fantastic! My only complaint is that you can only set one reminder per event. I'm used to Google calendar which lets me set up multiple reminders.

Michelle · 7/14/2015

I would give this app five stars if only it would not freeze up so frequently and refuse to synchronize. The only fix is a soft reset of my phone. When that fails uninstalling and reinstalling the app works. Otherwise, this is perfect. I love how I can display up to five appointments on the start screen tile in a font large enough for my aging eyes. I also really like how I can actually read the appointments in month view unlike the native calendar. The ability to synchronize with multiple accounts such as outlook, Gmail and Facebook is much appreciated as are all the customizable features. I highly recommend this app. Just do a soft reset if it freezes for you.

Bret · 7/18/2015
Best ever... Even for W10M!

Month view, not provided by native MS app. Dark Theme and full working live tile!

Diane · 6/26/2015

Love it! Love I can color coded dates, and love that I can see info on each event on month view. Love it! Love it!

Hector · 7/14/2015

Generally good. Has some bug where a recurring appointment I deleted keeps coming up and its impossible to delete. Annoying!!!

Spencer · 6/5/2015

It could be better. There s no way to enter a reoccurring event for multiple days at once, you also can't control what color the monthly view displays events as, or how large the banner is. It makes the work days look like holidays. And the default is to remind you about events way in advance. But mostly just not customizable e ough

Jason · 7/20/2015

Great. But can you please update the app from paid into free?

A · 5/1/2015

Found way to turn off tile flipping. Setting is "display on lock screen." Really should say "display back of TILE," or "flip TILE" since flipping is about tile and not lock screen. Yet lock screen itself does not work either way this is toggled.

Mohamed · 6/29/2015

This is a great app that only needs some visual development to earn the fifth star.