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Shadow2Call · 8/30/2011

Gave me names for all the in state numbers I've tried, but not the out of state number (gave just the city). The interface is a bit annoying, having to manually go into the app to look up the number instead of popping up when a new number calls, but it is still useful if people refuse to leave voicemail & you are call screening.

MuffDiiver2 · 6/20/2011

Very simple yet effective app. Nothing fancy but does what it says. Finds names and locations to numbers for me 95% of the time, very useful. 5 Stars for effectiveness and price

Flammengarten · 3/27/2011

Seemed to be all right originally, but now, almost any phone number I enter, incuding my own, returns "no matches found" and a wrong city (but geographically close). Probably, this started after the last update (TC got busted?); or maybe we're allowed up to 10 real queries, and after that get sent to the free online databases. Well, few numbers it got were worth $.99 and two stars.

debear714 · 6/20/2012

Ok for a while but quits working??

Player554422201 · 12/26/2011

Gives wrong names, app not worth installing

CAIN420 · 11/8/2011

Love it works great :D

theDavide225 · 7/1/2012

Keeps crashing

Karthik Kallis · 8/3/2011

This app does what it says. Definitely 5 stars for it. UI sucks. Needs lots of improvement over there. If possible this would have been nice if it was integrated with the is. I would like to know who is calling for unknown callers.

Pierre Henri P · 12/25/2011

Does not work with French yellow/white pages.

Dexx Star · 12/8/2011

Fairly useless (to me, anyway). It was unable to find anything I tried to look up. Try the "Number Guru" app instead.


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