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Ethan · 9/3/2015

Works great and I use it all the time. The only issue is playing temporary playlists or normal ones. The issue being that it will skip over songs and if there is a certain number then it will be stuck in skip loop. Please fix, thanks.

Austin · 9/1/2015

Subscriptions no longer work. Playlists no longer work. When I lock my phone while listening to my offline playlist it plays them in incorrect order and doesn't play most selected. Will crash when watching an online video. Recently my offline downloaded videos will freeze. The app is pointless now. I hate it. Used to be a 4/5

Nick · 8/31/2015

It used to be a killer app till one year ago. Then they changed the layout and stuff and the app crashes frequently. It works and I appreciate the effort, but please downgrade to one year ago

Bear · 8/27/2015
Most used program on my phone!

I love it. I use it all the time. I have managed to cut my data usage down from 10gig per month to around 3gig per month. I love being able to download stuff. I mostly have the screen off and just listen to 2 and 5 hour long music mixes and documentaries. My only problem is sometimes it force-closes and sometimes it crashes my phone about 30 seconds into a video. I have a Samsung ATIV SE. If that helps with developing fixes. I love that I can turn off the screen and the video keeps playing. Could you make it possible for videos to play audio while using other programs or being on the main screen? (like Pandora does) Other than that I love love love it!!!

Venu · 9/1/2015

So far its very good YouTube app, if we can have lock it would be brilliant...

Rebellie · 8/22/2015

Three stars because it's a pretty decent app but when I sign in and go to my playlists it only shows me one of them, and I can't access the others that I have made. I mainly use it to stream music playlists, so I imagine you can see why this would be greatly annoying.

Pavlína · 8/25/2015

Amazing! I dont even need internet to play videos and i can lock my phone while its playing! I love it 😍

James · 8/31/2015

Really great app. Easy to use.

Leslie · 8/24/2015

Very smooth buffering and it makes it easy to save vids to your phone.

User · 8/24/2015

Doesn't show my playlists 1/5 would not bang again.


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