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ralph · 7/28/2015

I love this app❤ but everytime I reblog it sends me back to the top of my dash😒, also I can't watch the videos👀, I would have to just go on my basically I don't need the app, but it is convenient.

kay · 7/6/2015

Please update, I can't save pictures, access my follows or likes, and I can't watch videos, please fix

Katherine · 7/29/2015

I went from following 200 blogs to 300 and now it won't load as many pages before saying "No more posts". Also, websites don't load outside tumblr.

Kellon · 7/22/2015

This app REALLY needs updating. Its slow, cant play videos on my tumblr, cant single view a pic and most importantly it burns way too much data (I understand that it depends on what contents you have on your wall.... But come on!)..... Am begging you, please update.

Ravi · 6/23/2015

This app sucks, can't read some videos, slow, some pics won't charge, unable to see my own likes, etc.. Needs major updates, just like twitter, facebook, vine

Hezekiah · 7/4/2015

So much worse than the iPhone version. Does not always let your blog with an "unknown error". Other bugs/ glitches and crashes that need fixing before I can enjoy my tumblr the way I should

User · 5/19/2015

I love tumblr but not on windows!! Why can't I see my inbox, notifications?!? I can barely interact with my internet friends on a daily and this app, that should be making it easier, is IN FACT MAKING IT HARDRR QVHDDWGKTDAQSJH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!! Windows, you're innovative and resolution is amazing. Please fix

Ketsia · 5/17/2015

Hey guys! Anyone looking for a great Tumblr app should consider looking up "Ported for Tumblr". Frequent updates, great interface (as it was ported from Android to WP), somewhat easy to use, AND it's free!!! :D This official app still gets -15 stars from me though. 😏 (Not an advertisement, used to use this official app and it sucks so I thought I'd pass a friendly message on 😊).

กฤติน · 6/29/2015

Why I can't save pictures by this app?

mia · 5/19/2015

This app for windows sucks! Can't download pics, can't play videos either. This sucks alot. Will wait a month or two for updates, before uninstalling and deleting