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1 stars out of 5
· 11/12/2015

This app is truly the worst. It's slow, it rarely loads pictures, it's clumsy to navigate, it takes up too much space and it eats up battery life like its going out of style. And I swear to god if I get it recommended to me one more time I'm going to throw my phone into a wall.

2 stars out of 5
· 11/9/2015

I had an android and the google app support was great. I loved my aol, steam, etc. The tumblr app on it was AWESOME and easy to maneuver. I thought I'd give the windows phone a try just to be different. The app support on it is horrible. The tumblr app (at the risk of sounding juvenile) SUCKS. It feels clunky, and half the time it doesn't work properly. I'm hoping they'll improve it someday.

2 stars out of 5
· 11/4/2015

Just downloaded the app and already want to delete it. I can't view my notes, can't see who's following me. Just awful. Videos won't play and I wish you would integrate some of the features from other devices, such as holding the reblog button.

1 stars out of 5
· 11/6/2015

I can't watch videos posted. This is the most basic feature. The website isn't optimized for windows phone viewing videos either. Doesn't work. Stuck all around!!

4 stars out of 5
· 10/20/2015

Needs to be updated. Can't check my messages and the post download images kinda slow. Also, at times the post appear white, then when you view it full image you see it exit out and the post is blank. Fix and I will give it 5 stars.

1 stars out of 5
· 10/28/2015

BIG EDIT: Terrible app. After the update the app is buggy and crashes my whole phone. Freezes and doesn't load up at all. This needs a major fix. 2/5 👎👎 10/14: Still bad, needs to be updated. Don't even use the app any more. Photos don't load, can't save them either, videos don't play either!?!?!?! ⭐ 1/5 7/8/15: Still terrible. Doesn't even let me log in with my correct password and username. Hasn't been updated. The website itself doesn't even recommend it's own app for windows phone. I guess the developers know how 💩💩💩💩💩 their own app is but are too lazy to do anything about it.

1 stars out of 5
· 11/2/2015

It needs more features and updates. It really sucks. I can't even download pics from it or show my notifications.

2 stars out of 5
· 10/17/2015

It is too slow to load the pictures, the gifs, to post something and uses a lot of data connection.

1 stars out of 5
· 11/8/2015
You cant even log in

Just pure garbage that has never worked for me from day one. Tells me my password is wrong no matter how many times I type it in or cut and past from a text file, so I know its the right password. And seeing how many negative reviews this app has, the developers obviously dont care to fix it.

1 stars out of 5
· 9/22/2015

Even for read-only purposes, this app cannot substitute the desktop browser. Tapping either external or internal links simply refresh the dashboard at times. Post content and certain tags get truncated and often doesn't even render. Viewing the entirety of the post requires clicking through reblogs to view them in the browser, and there is no way to view the full tag when it gets truncated. Larger images cannot be viewed at original resolution, so text and image details become unreadable. I've come to have low expectations animations and videos, so I pass over those. I routinely force the app to close when it gets stuck "resuming". For the limited functionality it provides, the app doesn't get the job done and is a frustration to deal with.

stars out of 5

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