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Abrianna · 8/16/2015

Needs an update. The app runs smoothly it just doesn't show your messages or notifications. It also doesn't let you edit your blog (which you have to do on browser instead of in the app.) It also needs a fast reblog, kind of like the android app where you hold the reblog button and it reblogs instead of you having to do it manually everytime. Other than that though the app runs very nicely

Shellby · 8/16/2015

I love tumble but I can't view notifications or check messages and when I write a text post, it showed up blank. Please update the app for windows phone.

Lauren · 8/20/2015

This app is in dire need of an update. I can't view my followers, who I'm following, edit my blog appearance, view drafts, or edit posts, all of which I feel are very important. Seriously, tumblr needs to update!

Kristina · 8/1/2015

This is horrible. I run two blogs that have constant queues posting, and while I love my new phone, I can't do ANYTHING from it! Can't see your likes, don't know how to get to my own page except to catch one of my own posts on the dashboard. Text posts are showing up as only a title with a tag. This is by far the worst thing to happen with this new phone. I do lots of my blogging via my mobile devices and this seriously makes this phone return worthy in my mind.

nick · 8/22/2015
awfully outdated.

please improve performance speed, the app lacks activity feeds, notifications, pins for blogs and creating photosets

Seussi · 8/11/2015

Pathetic! I saw the awful rating here and wrote to TUMBLR support. The response? "You may want to use your mobile browser for a better experience." In other words, they don't care about WP users, their only concern is having their heads up iPhone and android's butts. Makes me not want to use TUMBLR anymore.

ralph · 7/28/2015

I love this app❤ but everytime I reblog it sends me back to the top of my dash😒, also I can't watch the videos👀, I would have to just go on my browser...so basically I don't need the app, but it is convenient.

Mariah · 8/12/2015

I can't save pictures to my phone on the app.

Katherine · 7/29/2015

I went from following 200 blogs to 300 and now it won't load as many pages before saying "No more posts". Also, websites don't load outside tumblr.

Noah · 6/13/2015

Pics .-.


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