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Ernst · 8/24/2015
Great Internet radio app. Bad deployment on MS

Why take away the capability to search and access a radio station by name? It feels like this app is written and deployed for the MS Windows platform with censorship in mind. Why is the user limited to only the choices offered by this version of the app?

Eric · 8/25/2015
Love the service, not a fan of the app under Win10

The TuneIn service is a real champion when it comes to finding and playing radio stations from around the world. And that's why it breaks my heart that I just uninstalled the app after test driving it on my Win10 desktop. I could get used to the tile-based layout if the performance was there, but the app playback struggles (or just silently fails) in places where the web interface just works. There are also many other useful features on other platforms that apparently haven't crossed into Windows app space yet. Hopefully whatever's lacking will get here soon enough, because the service that rests underneath all of this is one of my current favorites. I'll just be hanging out at the website while all of this gets sorted out...

George · 8/23/2015
Problem with favorites?

The app works fine, except I have signed in to my account and there is a favorites box showing the number of stations I have, but clicking/tapping it does nothing. Cannot access my favorite stations, anyone else having this problem?

Carlos · 8/19/2015
Windows lacks a lot in comparison to mobile versions

I have always loved and used your app without any problems on my mobile devices, by far one of the best out there. That's why I thought experience would be the same on Windows. However, it has a couple of horrible mistakes: 1) It lacks a FB or G+ login to enter your account so you can't log in on an account created with those means (at least I couldn't) and 2) The search option shows a lot of specific programs but finding the station is very hard; finally 3) interface is a bothersome and the scroll button isn't working when the page shows too much results making it pretty much pointless. I believe in the quality of your brand; will remain a loyal user in other platforms and think this particular version is making you look really bad for possible new users. Regards.

Alfred · 8/25/2015
Needs work

Love app on phone, and PlayStation but windows needs work, has good browse of radio station but cant get to my favorite.

kelley · 8/25/2015

great app lots of great stations to choose

Paul · 8/26/2015
Tunein Radio and Microsoft Surface 3

I've downloaded this app multiple times to my Microsoft Surface 3 and have been unable to get this app to work. The player goes from standby...to fetching playlist...back to standby. It just won't play. No error messages. Just standby and fetching playlist. App has been uninstalled. I even tried to install the app on my Surface Pro 3. Same results. I know that the app works well on my Samsung Android equipment. It seems to have problems running on Surface gear.

Pedro · 8/11/2015
App cuts off a lot at high speed streams

This app works excellent with streams lower to 64kb. However, higher stream speed stations like BBC 2 makes the app to cut off a lot and the software does not allow you to adjust the buffer settings.

Xanny · 8/18/2015
I can found a lot of channels from Germany, Singapore..

I luv tis app so much, I can found a lot of channels I wish in German, Chinese and Vietnamese also, thanks

Tim · 8/12/2015
Sound cuts out

Like the app and LOVE the service, but the app's sound cuts out for a split second every now and then. It happen enough for it to get frustrating. The layout also could use some work. I think your Xbox One app is amazing in both UI design and stability...think about using it as a replacement for this Windows version.



  • Find and listen to your favorite artists, teams, comedians or talk hosts
  • Explore the world by listening to live radio from thousands of cities
  • Tune in to ESPN, BBC, CBS, TEDTalks and more!
  • Pin to Start your favorite stations
  • Add stations and shows to your presets
  • Play your programs in the background while you use other apps

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Improved podcast playback performance, enhanced content organization and display in browse categories, and resolved several application crash conditions.

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