• Find and listen to your favorite artists, teams, comedians or talk hosts
  • Explore the world by listening to live radio from thousands of cities
  • Tune in to ESPN, BBC, CBS, TEDTalks and more!
  • Pin to Start your favorite stations
  • Add stations and shows to your presets
  • Play your programs in the background while you use other apps

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Improved podcast playback performance, enhanced content organization and display in browse categories, and resolved several application crash conditions.

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DARSHIT · 8/2/2015
Works perfect for me. One little issue.

I am not facing any issues while using TuneIn Radio you will find different genre, you can browse different categories. But wait where is trending stations section? :D Bring it back. I am not able to go back to Now Playing section after coming back to window while it was minimized. It is showing main page but I don't know how to go to Now Playing where I can pause music.

joe · 8/2/2015
I use to love this

To use this app on a computer, it needs a pause button and a volume button. As it is now, if you decide to stop it playing a radio show for a minute, when you start it back up, it starts all over from the beginning which really sucks and makes me have to be really careful when I can listen to it. When this app gets at least a pause button, I will give it 5 stars.

Bob · 8/1/2015
Broken in Win 10, Tune seems unsupported?

Favorites doesn't work, I can save a favorite but can't access it using the Favorites Icon. Also when a station is Pinned the station ICON shows up on Start Menu but clicking it does not play that station, instead the Tunein start screen is displayed, again with a broken, unresponsive Favorites button, nothing is display when clicking on Favorites which shows 14 stations saved. My Favorites just do not work, I have no way to save stations I found.

Marcin · 8/2/2015

Flawless app. I've used Tunein on Android and Apple also, and the Windows version is definitely the most responsive out of the trio. I've been using the app 3-4 times a week for 4 weeks and in all that time Tunein has worked flawlessly. Updating the app at this point would be unnecessary. Don't fix what isn't broken. UPDATE: Still flawless when playing streams under 96kbps, at 96 and over it starts to stutter and requires buffering every minute and a half. On desktop there is no problem, so by deductive reasoning the streaming capabilities of this Windows app is limited. I'm sure there is an easy and costly fix for this if that is the devs don't have much on their minds right now.

Philip · 7/30/2015

I am a talk radio junkie and enjoy listening to various hosts through Tune In that I'm not able to receive locally. I also enjoy recorded shows that I can listen to at least parts of the next day. The problem is with this app on Windows is that there is no toggle to move the recorded program forward or back. I can't skip over boring segments, and if there is a problem with the stream and the program resets itself to the beginning, there is no way to move the program to where I left off. This is a big deal for me, and on my previous iPhone & Android phone apps of Tune In, the toggle was always there. I would greatly appreciate if the Windows writers of this app could make a correction. This could be a deal killer for me for my future with the Windows phone.

tom · 7/30/2015
great app

gives users it all you can listen to local. world wide stations of internet radio. this my go to app for music

Scott · 8/2/2015
doesn't work

More often than not, this app does not/cannot play radio stations. Maybe, if I shrink the window and reopen it, it might work. If it does work, it often halts at some point. I dislike this program.

RT · 8/3/2015
Ugly Interface & Difficult Search Functions

What in the world were the developers were thinking of by making this app so unappealing? The black background, the hard-to-read fonts and the unavailability of a search function on the home page are real turn offs. TuneIn Radio's got to be able to do better than that.

仲勛 · 7/21/2015

Sluggish even on Lumia 1520; hasn't been updated for ages, you guys to busy? I went for iHeartRadio instead.

Tom · 8/2/2015
Not for 10 Yet

I love TUNEIN RADIO. I have been using it for years. I have it on iPhone, Android, Mac and all my browsers. HOWEVER, on WINDOWS 10 - it is not ready. I cannot find the SEARCH function easily. It is acting like Windows 8.1 not Win 10. When it is ready, I will go back to using it everyday but not today.

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