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Reviewer 1955 · 5/10/2015
Like the idea but NOT 2 Happy.....

I first downloaded the free app it wked most of the time & wen it did wk I really liked it! So wen I saw this app I thought since They are expecting us to spend our money on it that it just might wk better but I was wrong! The idea is great when it works its really nice. U can set it to all of your favorite tv channels, also there's the choice of a small or med grid like tv guide also a Lg guide( that's my fav) which shows a picture of whats airing on that channel!! I love it But it only works less than half the time! If it would just work this would be a Fantastic app.

Brent · 6/22/2014
Five stars in a sky devoid of stars

There are many things to love about this app and many areas where it could be greatly improved. BUT, above all, it works, and it works great! I love how you can set your favorite channels, and scroll through and see what is currently on those channels. This actually works with much greater ease than the best Tivo apps for iOS and Android, including the popular Roomie Remote and Logitech Harmony. This app fills a void for those of us millions, yes millions, of Windows PC users who like to work on a PC, laptop, Surface or Windows RT device and watch TV at the same time. One more reason for iPad users to ditch their devices. Areas for improvement: 1. I wish the Tivo controls were better integrated into the TV listings view, instead they are separated off on a separate screen with a not-very-touch-friendly Tivo-like remote control 2. For TV Listings, I wish you could change the time frame. 2. Needs better, quicker, access to My Shows. 3. Overall, UI needs polishing, looks amateurish

Ric · 8/31/2013
ZERO stars!!

I very rarely whine about s'ware, but this app has been installed, deleted when non-functional, re-installed (and it looked like I was billed for it again), and it will not run. When clicked from the start screen of W-8, it goes to its home screen, I enter the local zip code and it muddles for a while then just dumps back to the W-8 start screen. This is the worst ever, and when trying to get information you are linked to a SIG that requires never before seen log-in! This app is utter rubbish.

Camden · 7/21/2013
So Close - yet so far..

I downloaded the trial of this as the reviews were rocky, the now showing list is very well done except one thing - the data doesn't seem to be locally cached on the unit so every time you go back to check what's on - it reloads the entire listing which takes its sweet time. This time would be tolerable if it weren't Every time you went to it. Its faster to just use the physical remote.

Keith · 3/10/2013
Been waiting for an RT TiVo app for a long time!

Very nice job on this app. Like the TV listings layout. Would love to be able manage the dvr, season passes, to do list etc. Would love to be able to click on an artist a go to IMDB. Thank for adding to W8 ecosys. Love it!

Deiva · 1/10/2013
Great TV Guide for the Second Screen.

The Guide is nicely done and very useful. It was great to be able to browse your Comcast guide without interrupting/minimizing your current program. The Now showing feature with thumbnails and details is awesome. It gave an Xbox/Netflix feel to my dumb Comcast guide. Love this feature!!!

Rodney · 2/9/2014
It's OK iPhone app way better

A little slow loading channels, if you leave the app to do something else why it loads it starts all over again. The on screen remote will change the channel on the TiVo which I find pointless unless to record something. And no live tv watching or TiVo recording have to go into your TiVo desktop for that and transfer to computer. For the price its about right.

dwana · 12/9/2013
Does what it said.

Would love deeper integration, like record and my shows

Bryan · 9/11/2013
Crashes during initial setup

This app crashes and takes you back to the Start page after entering your zip code during initial setup. It used to work, albeit very slowly... now, I can't get it to do anything at all. Complete waste of $$ unless they fix it, which as of 9/10/2013 has not been done.

Terryll · 6/20/2013
Why is tile not live?

Every time I use this app, it has to load the entire listings. Why doesn't this happen in the background and update automatically? Makes for a pretty poor performing app. Wasted my $2.50 as it's too much of a pain to use with any regularity.



  • Browse TV listings
  • Search for TV shows and movies
  • On screen remote control for TiVo® DVR
  • See what is showing now on TV
  • Pictures of cast and crew

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