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Eric · 5/8/2015

Don't know if its a Windows 10 glitch or latest update glitch, but live tile is always one day behind. Rudy, I know you have stated that this app doesn't bring you much revenues vs your other apps with ads, but it would be truly nice to have this app as a universal app. Also, the backup functionality also still says SkyDrive and not OneDrive. Anyways, this is one of my two most daily used apps and I appreciate everything you have done and done for Windows Phone. Keep up the excellent work.

Diego · 5/4/2015

Needs more details in search results such as year or cover art. Sometimes adding a show can turn into a chore trying to guess which one is the right one if shows have the same or similar name. Also, alarms/notifications appears to be broken in WP8.1.

Jeff · 6/12/2015

Been using this since the WP7 days and still love it, probably my most used app!

Colton Lee · 4/1/2015

Great app, I use it every day. Sometimes the reminders don't go off, which is fine. Also, I understand the info and imagines are pulled from other sources but the upcoming Marvel's Daredevil Netflix show having an imagine from the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie is odd...

Andy · 4/26/2015

It's back to being perfect after the latest update. Thanks Rudy, you're a great developer!

Matthew · 3/25/2015

Great way to keep track of which episode I've fallen behind on, and is a great companion when having TV show marathons. Also useful to save shows that seem interesting, and hope to watch in the future.

Moises · 3/18/2015

Good app but the last time it was updated was back in Feb 2014. It lacks trakt integration. It has problems finding anime shows to add for viewing, probably because of the missing trakt integration. Sometimes the shows fail to update their schedule as well. Tried to contact the developer and no response.

Max · 3/2/2015

If you have a lot of TV shows to follow, and you want to see them as soon as they air, this app is perfect for you. Everyday when i get home from work i can see a customized list of what to watch, when, and on which channel. Its fast, and its easy.

Stephen · 2/9/2015

Crashes too often, and gives the wrong information and showtimes for many shows. I have to put up with it because many other apps are even less functional. Disappointing.

Neal · 1/21/2015

This app needs to be updated to function as described. The live tile updater service that should run I the background continually resets to off and breaks the feature. That is not what I paid money for. As soon as I opened the app and set the background setting to on, the live tile updated and the feature also turned back off. PLEASE update the app.