• Modern flow layout combines the best of information density and rich media
  • Flexible design adjusts to portrait, snap, and everything in-between
  • Smart streaming-based feed with robust connectivity and suspend/resume handling. No more manual refreshing!
  • Post new tweets with fast username auto-complete.
  • Photo upload support - including pasting image data and files directly into the tweet composer!
  • View lists you've created and subscribed to, and pin favorites to the navigation bar for easy access.
  • Search for users and tweets, and pin your favorite searches and hashtags
  • Rich embedding of several third-party media types
  • Powerful conversation and DM support with a rich, real-time updating conversation view.
  • Multi-window support - Open multiple full instances, or break out specific tabs.
  • Over a dozen color schemes, choose your favorite!
  • Automatic roaming of color scheme, pinned lists, and read states.
  • Live tile lets you know about new mentions and DMs, and can cycle from your timeline or a pinned list
  • Full integration with the Share charm for sharing to and from Tweetium
  • Quickly jump to your last seen tweet for your timeline, lists, or searches.
  • Multiple account support! (Requires additional Pro purchase)
  • TweetMarker support! (Require additional Pro purchase)

Additional information

Version Notes

Version 3.6.1 - Fixed a bug where some images were being saved incorrectly (especially from the timeline) - Possible fix for a rare issue in the last update where tweets could be added out-of-order - Mitigations to hopefully reduce impact of a still unfixed Win10 bug which can cause the app to hang on startup - fixes possible issues w/ new purchases not taking effect due to the above This is also the first update submitted via the new dev portal (fingers crossed). Version 3.6 Highlights: - Quote Tweet notifications for Pro users - Media in Quoted Tweets - View full-size images without expanding threads - Smoother top-loading and various bug fixes For full details of this and past releases, visit the support link.

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Jerry · 7/30/2015
Fantastic App But

It needs to be fixed so the timeline doesn't jump around when the window is resized or new tweets arrive. Also needs to be a setting to scroll to the last read tweet automatically when using tweetmarker.

Sean · 7/22/2015
Great app

Terrific addition to wp store. Keep the updates coming. Please add translation

Sonny · 7/14/2015

It's great but wish you can view other twitter users all photos on their profile and also find out who favorite or retweeted on my tweet. At least official twitter can do that.

Jonathan · 8/1/2015
so much better than the normal twitter app

better than the official twitter app even on windows 10. shows more information and has lists support. multiple accounts. I can go on and on. good job!

Brandon · 7/5/2015

Doesn't support group DMs from what I can tell. Would like accent colors that better suite the dark background. Need to be able to quote a tweet from timeline view.

Alberto A · 8/1/2015

I am NOT very happy with Windows 8.1, Matter of fact I think 8.1 is garbage!! BUT.... This App is ROCKSTEADY!!!! the UI is seamless and I love the look of it. I think that it is Unique and PLEASE DON'T SCREW IT UP!! Update the app to make it better, Not worse. This is by far the best twitter client I have experienced. Almost makes 8.1 bearable.

Doug · 7/31/2015
Best twitter app yet

I like the ease of using the app. Expanding a message or tweet is easy and easy to collapse back.

Scott · 6/13/2015

Very awesome twitter app with some small missing features like not showing 'x favorited' tweet notifications and inability to edit profile (from what I can tell?) but its amazingly fast and miles better than the official app. Would also like to click the favorite and retweet info on a tweet to see who did what. All in all, really solid app. Keep the updates coming please!

Jorge · 6/17/2015

App keeps getting better and better. Developer continues to improve the app constantly.

Reviewer 2416 · 6/15/2015
Terrible - missing basic features

So many basic features missing. Such a clumsy interface. My guess is that folks have no experience with other more mature twitter clients out on iOS & Mac. Was looking for something for my beloved Asus Windows 8.1 notebook but this thing is an embarrassment and a waste of money. Hashtag help (none), searching clumsy, unfollowing people is possible, mute only for 1 day, user interface likes to sail and switch and flip to various tabs, it's just awful

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