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Alex · 12/22/2013
I love it!

its good for a free app but it cuts off the ends of chapters and there are a lot grammatical errors.

Kiera · 7/11/2013

This app is horrible. It tells you you get both the midnight sun and the short life of Bree, that's what I got from the description, but you don't get either. That's what made me really mad, then it told you to pay for add removal with no adds and didn't even look like the same app as on the example. Not to mention it took me over a month and trying to reinstall 12 times. Do Not get this app, it's just a disappointment. Just buy the books, you'll appreciate the books more that way.

Becky · 3/16/2013
Poor app, no zoom or other customization

The text for my screen wasn't formatted right, the last word of every line was on the next line down, then another line started below that. Challenging to read so I didn't even bother. The look is cute (parchment) but you should put more customization in this app. I see in another review the bad words might've been censored? Is this even a licensed copy or are you just making money of someone else's work?

Ginger · 1/18/2013
Twilight Saga

I made fun of the kids when it first came out and it took me 2 yrs brfore I watched Twilight, Needless to say I was hooked! I am soon to be 54 yrs old and I am a diehard Twimom! To me it is the ultimate love story about a young woman who knew where she didn't belong and where she felt normal and alive. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic!! Just wish it never had to end... At least in the books!

Kaitlyn · 3/28/2015
its ok

I love the books but there are so many typos that I don't know what the word is. so I would have to get the actual book to read

triniy · 3/24/2014

it actually good never knew it would

Mary · 12/26/2013

This is obviously typed up with several typos just in the first "page" or section that I tried reading. The formatting is terrible, jumping to a new paragraph midsentence. And...why can I not adjust the font size or anything? Maybe I'm spoiled. Oh well. Too annoying to really take seriously.

Vicki · 5/6/2013

LOVED THIS!!! for my windows 8, had to go to chapters and load every time, almost.. it compressed them if you didn't. no problem, worth it.

Deborah · 10/12/2013
All Of Them

Love them, All

Chloe · 2/22/2013
its nice but

there is many spelling errors in it and sometimes I couldn't tell what the words were it had marks like @#$%* in it and sometimes wrong letters but other than that it is perfect!


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