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Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos, and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline. Share photos privately in Messages You can reply, retweet, favorite, or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline. Capture the moment by uploading multiple photos to a single Tweet. View animated gifs in your home timeline. Conversations are easy to find and join. Reply, retweet or favorite straight from a Tweet! See what’s happening right now without being logged in to your account.

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Bill · 7/31/2015
Not Bad, Windows Phone version is better.

There is no option to manage multiple Twitter Accounts like there is in the Windows Phone Version. This would also be better if it worked with the Windows 10 Notification Center, made use of the Live Tile, and supported the Dark Theme.

James · 7/31/2015
It's gotten better

I just installed Windows 10 and I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this app. Now photos and video appear on my timeline, and it feels a lot less like reading this newspaper.

Gert · 7/30/2015
Nice update for Windows10, but can be improved

I really like that you guys made a big update for Windows10, it really looks nice and clean and is very easy to use. However I think that it does lack some features like showing lists or multiple topics. Maybe this is more a "power user" feature and is this app intended for basic use, then it would be a great app, but I think for a lot of people that TweetDeck of Tweetium is still a better option. Again, don't get me wrong, it's a very nice looking app and some great work has been put into it! :)

Charles · 7/29/2015
One step forward, two steps back

• Does not support "Lists" • Does not support notifications from followed accounts • Does not integrate with People app Overall the app performs better and has a vastly improved layout. That said, the limited notification options and lack of Lists severely hampers the app's practical use cases. Layout could be improved for small/snapped windows sizes. Ideally it would conform to the phone app's layout under such circumstances. When/If List support is added, I would love to see this app allow multiple instances/windows opened so that several Twitter feeds could be kept up and open simultaneously.

Robin · 7/30/2015
need to improve

I just upgrade to windows 10, and I'm thrilled to see that I can now use a standalone twitter app. However, there are lot to improve: 1. multi-column. It's a waste of screen to just display a single column 2. crashes too often. Essentially, the app crashes when I click notification, post a tweet, etc., 3. better UI design

Millad · 7/29/2015
few things that I have encountered:

- lack of shortcuts - some problems with showing right to left languages (Persian, here) - the pictures would be better to be shown in puzzle style - lots of white and unused spaces - where is the app setting?

Nejc · 7/29/2015
Finally got update today

Now it's way better, and you no longer need to open tweet to see pictures it includes, and UI was renewed. However live tile still has no large option, and there are no notification settings for new tweets like in mobile versions.

Reviewer 8419 · 7/29/2015
The old version was better

The new version uses too much screen real estate. The window cannot be resized narrow enough, the UI buttons always take up space. Displaying photo's inline should be configurable, the old version showed more tweets in the same window height. The way the stream auto refreshes now is too distractive. Quote retweeting is not supported.

Vlad · 7/28/2015
Love it!

I really love it, I've been waiting for an official app for a while now :) It's ad free, looks nice and clean but it needs more features. Thanks for this great app and keep up the awesome work. EDIT November 5th, 2014: Please update the UI. Windows 8 evolved (now using Windows 10 TP) but the app remained pretty much the same :| EDIT July 29th, 2015: After so much time, there's finally a proper UI update, looks pretty neat :) Perfect timing for Windows 10 official release :D Thanks Twitter!

Ryan · 7/30/2015
Update isn't much better

It's more clean now than it was before, however tapping on tweets to view comments is now slower than before because it opens the thread in place of the previous list of tweets. I'm still happy with it.

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