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Owen · 9/3/2015

Wonderful design! I can tell you guys put a lot of effort into it, and it really shows off the power of Universal Apps. It is lacking some newer features though, and keyboard commands (especially backspace to navigate backwards) would be awesome. Keep it up!

Zayed · 9/4/2015

3rd UPDATE: The "videos as pictures" issue is still not fixed. Same with GIFs. Bumped back down to 3 stars. Another issue arose. When I make tweets on the mobile app, any "enter" key presses on that don't show up on the desktop version. I'm afraid I cannot call this the ultimate Twitter experience on Windows Phone until those issues are fixed. I appreciate you doing a bit more than you have in the past on this app, but it's still not enough. The number of your users that use Windows Phone is much larger than you think, Twitter, and it's still growing even now. Giving this platform more attention is going to benefit both you and the end-user in the long-run. And to those of you 1-star-ing this app and calling it sh*t while failing to provide constructive criticism, that's not going to make them improve this app. In fact, it's more likely to make them abandon the WP app altogether. I understand that you're unhappy with the experience you've been given, but please try to be rational.

Ryan · 9/4/2015
Missing so much

There's no way to access Lists much less manage. There's no way to quote a tweet or view a quoted without having to be forwarded to the website.

Dennis · 9/4/2015
Poor Implementation

It's missing a lot of features that are present in the web or other platform versions, no dark theme, and I would really like to see account management options baked into the app. It also has gotten extremely crashy in the last update.

B · 8/29/2015
Why isn't this app fixed?

This app is consistently crashing on Windows 10, why isn't this issue being addressed? I don't understand how it is being left to rot while the Android and iOS apps see constant improvement. Twitter on Android or the Web work like a dream at least...However I would love to actually use Twitter on my computer too without having to reach for my phone to Tweet.

Missy · 8/28/2015

Tired of the lack of update. There's been huge changes on the website like animated gifs, quoted rt tweets, and group dms. It's ridiculous that we don't have these. Twitter is seriously slacking on updating this. It gets two stars, though, because it does at least let you do most basic Twitter things.

J · 9/1/2015

Shockingly mediocre, just like Facebook and Instagram. The app has less than minimum features, doesn't load videos or GIFS, links to online twitter instead of retweets in app. You would think a multi-billion dollar corporation would spend a little extra money on their consumers on all platforms. Thumbs down yet again for the Windows store and social media moguls.

Shivaराम · 8/28/2015
Nice App

Even the updated app on Windows10, doesnt have customizations. far from the Android App. Needs huge improvement. ========================= Lots of spaces wasted all over, otherwise nice app. Need more customization, like fonts, columns etc., Inline image and videos previews.

Christano · 8/30/2015

Works ok have a few issues it doesn't allow me to choose users or tweets and the search doesn't display my followers it makes it pretty hard to find people, do not receive notifications of tweets from friends, rts do not show in app a link is displayed and it opens in the browser, this is annoying what's the point of the app then?

Ismena · 8/25/2015
Basic features

It has basic features and misses the recent ones added to website and android twitter app like: commenting on retweets or deleting the message 140 limits etc. I daydream about dark theme...


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Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos, and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline. Share photos privately in Messages You can reply, retweet, favorite, or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline. Capture the moment by uploading multiple photos to a single Tweet. View animated gifs in your home timeline. Conversations are easy to find and join. Reply, retweet or favorite straight from a Tweet! See what’s happening right now without being logged in to your account.

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