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Ismena · 8/25/2015
Basic features

It has basic features and misses the recent ones added to website and android twitter app like: commenting on retweets or deleting the message 140 limits etc. I daydream about dark theme...

Sneezzing · 8/24/2015

Lock screen doesn't show new tweets any more just old ones

Zayed · 8/26/2015

So Twitter is now providing more regular updates for this, it looks like. I can now safely call this the best Twitter app for Windows Phone. As it should be. (O_<)b My main grip with this is the lack of a transparent live tile. Everything else is good. Fix that live tile, and the fifth star is yours. UPDATE: Apparently, this app loads videos as pictures, so it loses another star. You'll get it back once this is fixed.

Faisal · 8/20/2015
Too Slow 🐌

Update (12-Jun-2015): I did my research, Twitter app never delete cache of photos. So over time the size of the app goes to 1GB+, but when its in 200MB+ app install size, it starts slowing down and photos are loaded too slow. The only workaround is to remove the app, then reinstall. @Twitter, guys just fix this cache issue and I know app will be a lot faster and responsive. Original Review: Became slowest app to start, resume on Windows Phone. Was so much better few updates ago. Now crashes all the time, and photos in timeline take forever to load and show up. Update it for performance and loading data. Will re-review in future.

Nathan · 8/19/2015
Works well, missing features

I like the newer version, Windows 10 update, but it is still missing many features from other platforms and the web. That being said, I still prefer this app over their website for the most part. I just wish they would include all of their features, instead of holding back. Other things I'd like to see: - Dark theme option - Video embedded playback (right now it kicks you out to a browser to play a video) - Responsive newsfeed (when full-screen, for example, multiple columns for posts instead of it always being one column--think Pinterest or your own home page when logged out!)

zech · 8/21/2015
Smooth but Lacking Critical Features

It's a twitter client and as such it covers the basics. It would be better if it allowed for more than one account, and hot keys. The "compose new tweet" is in a weird spot, so it'd be nice just to hit "CTRL-N" or something and make a new tweet. Also, having all profiles in spot would be sweet.

Jonathon · 8/22/2015
Functional but Needs Customization

The application works exactly like you want it to. The only thing I wish it had was a "Dark Theme" option. I have the Twitter App on my Nokia Lumia 1520 and it has a dark theme option that I have come to really enjoy. It made me a little sad when I downloaded this and did not see that option. One thing that I would really appreciate is an option to set a custom background and set the overlay to be transparent. If this is not possible then an option for a "Dark Theme" would also be very nice.

Eric · 8/20/2015
Pretty solid

There are better ways to use Twitter (TweetDeck, for one) but this is good for "quick" use. Like the desktop notifications. Quote tweets do not really work properly though - a feature that seems hasn't been integrated back into this version yet.

Rick · 8/19/2015
Horrible for Blind Users

If you're a blind Surface user, steer clear of this one. I couldn't get it to work at a useful level using either NVDA or Narrator. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @BlindSarcasm if you find a good option for Twitter on Surface 3 for us blind users.

Axel · 8/15/2015

I notice that if you save the app on the phone storage it loads images faster. Sometimes it takes many time to load or no load at all when the app is on the SD card place. 3 stars because: 1) Don't crash on my device and I use it much time 2) Direct messages 3) Tile info on notifications It needs: 1) Faster response when the app is on SD storage 2) Video support 3) More colors to customize and not only dark and light theme 4) The' quote tweet' new feature 5) And finally to fix the bug on DM messages. Some messages don't come on time while you are in the messages section and the type line disappears. Then you have to go back and open messages again or close the app and start over. And the new feature with bigger direct messages. 6) Last one is the app cache. This is the biggest problem of the app. Much garbage Hope in next update these things will fixed


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Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos, and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline. Share photos privately in Messages You can reply, retweet, favorite, or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline. Capture the moment by uploading multiple photos to a single Tweet. View animated gifs in your home timeline. Conversations are easy to find and join. Reply, retweet or favorite straight from a Tweet! See what’s happening right now without being logged in to your account.

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