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James · 8/30/2015

Terrible. Can't change destination, and map function can't find locations that are easily identified in HERE maps, Google Maps, etc. Inexcusable that locations that exist in other versions of the app can't be found in Windows phone version! Keep on getting pinned to the wrong location and having to explain to driver where we're trying to go. Fix this!

Rich · 8/23/2015

Uber is great but the application for Windows is lacking features. For instance, I cannot set the destination via the application. I'm not sure what other features are missing from the Windows application that exist for other platforms. My Uber driver today also said that there is no Windows Phone version of the driver application either.

visu · 8/21/2015

No way of sharing your drop off location with the driver through the app. Kept crashing until I had to go to the market place and install the update which surprisingly does not show under updates.

Tone · 8/20/2015

Please use my invite link https://www.uber.com/invite/uberoughtobe and I don't know what all these people are complaining about this app has worked for me perfectly, I actually couldn't get it to work on my computer and then I quickly signed up and got my $30 credit and it even gives me fair quotes, you just have to make sure you enter a destination and press fair quote. 5 stars!

Erica · 8/23/2015

Perfect app, I just wish there could be an option to save frequent locations, such as "home" "work" etc...

Steven · 8/28/2015

Since update, the app works well. Very easy to use.

Gian Paolo · 8/20/2015

Noticed that most reviews are already outdated and were based on a previous version of the app. Fare quotes can now be requested and viewed win the app, as well as fare estimates. Current location of Uber drivers are also shown in the map. Just add support for PayPal and it'll be perfect. Five stars, still, nonetheless.

Sam · 8/19/2015

Awesome service, only downside on windows phone is can't enter destination not contact driver.... Fuc the bug and ill change to 5*

Mark · 8/14/2015

After using Uber for over a year, I find this new way of getting around splendid! I never carry cash, so I don't have to worry about hitting an ATM or if I can even get home or not. I can always easily get home with Uber. I can explore more of my city by going to new places and venturing further outside of my comfort zone. It's also nice to talk to the drivers without it seeming like a transaction. It feels like I'm getting a ride from a friend. Thanks for a completely new experience with new technologies propelling us into the future!

Andy · 8/21/2015

Great app...keep the updates coming.


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