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User · 7/25/2013

I had this app in the ios before which had a guitar tuner. So I bought this right away thinking it included the tuner which does not. What a Waste.

bati · 3/17/2013

No tuner. Limited favorites library. Doesn't look as slick as ios. Not worth $3

User · 1/29/2013

Doesn't save my favorites. Please fix. Nokia 810 tmo

CarloSinperM 14 · 6/30/2012

Perfect utilty for musicians, but it needs features like iphone or android

Marc · 5/2/2015

I just bought the lifetime pro version on my iPad thinking I could sync with my WP8. Ugh, not so. I paid $30 on the iPad, and a few bucks on my WP8. Meanwhile, it still is just an app that accesses the same stuff I can get with a web browser. I'm happy to pay for convenience of sync'd favorites, and a tab pro reader / player, but this isn't right. :(

Ryan · 1/16/2015

All it needs is a metronome, guitar chords and notes teaching tool, and a guitar tuner compatable with a 1/4 in to mini-USB Electric guitar cord and it'll be perfect!!!!

Corbin · 10/3/2014

So I just switched over from ios. The platform on apple was nearly flawless in synchronization between the site and the application, however this particular app will not synchronize at all. Also, the told packs that were a part of the is system are nowhere to be found. Hopefully it can be brought up to speed soon with an update.

JEB · 8/16/2014

Great quality I was hoping for something more like the ios app though. If you added tab pro and spruced it up a little I'd give it five

Jason · 4/5/2014

I like this app, I have one issue in the tab packs section. There lists of lots of songs I would love to play. None of the buttons open the songs to play them. Small annoyance the rest of the app is great!

Matthew · 2/1/2014

Its ok. Simple interface. Needs an update. If everyone using this app paid the $2.99, then they should have enough for a spruce up.


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