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Kristian · 5/28/2014

Recently bought the app and kind of regret it. Lots of the remotes doesn't work properly, like the actual mouse, Twitch and Media Player Classic. Hopes to get some sort of response soon.

Jim · 7/13/2013

Looking for a way to control Pandora remotely including the ability to select stations. Didn't see that option.

User · 2/2/2013

Very disappointed, trial mode was wonky and I thought it was because it had a limited feature set. gave the devs the benefit of the doubt as this app is great on android and bought anyway. Auto connect feature doesn't work, ok, manually connected and works a while but then drops connection all the time, also using the regular mouse and keyboard remote the keyboard does not work have to switch between that for mouse use and the keyboard only remote for text input. I'm using WP8 on a Lumia 920. I thought maybe after I changed my WiFi settings to stay on after my screen turns off it would help with the dropped connections, nope. Please update this app to support my phone properly, it has great potential, also if you're going to state up front that features don't work because of limitations of the platform maybe you should lower the price of your app to .99, that seems more fair.

Vance · 1/11/2013

Winphone 8 system keyboard doesn't work, turn it off and the in app one works. App complains that wp7 can't autosearch... This needs to be updated to win phone8, then 5 star

Vicious · 5/15/2015

Same ** app as the rest, requires additional (untrustworthy) software. This is not necessary in any remote app. Consider the reasons it is "required", while all your devices have the necessary and standard controls in place.

david · 2/8/2015

It's great app, already knew it from android. You should add the option to pin remotes and shortcuts like Wake on Lan because it takes too long to get where we want inside the app

Savannah · 1/2/2015

Fantastic! I use it for Netflix. Totally worth $4 for a wireless mouse and keyboard. And it works on all devices...ios, android, and windows

James · 11/8/2014

Very poor effort you gave for windows phone version, it doesn't connect, server search doesn't exist you insert them manually and still doesn't connect. Android version was perfect.

José Augusto · 8/29/2015


Nate · 9/26/2014

Worked for about an hour and now it won't connect and the app is frozen on my PC and if I turn it off and turn it back on, it reopens the application and locks it. It's getting annoying, I'm going to try to uninstall this both from my PC and phone, then reinstall it. If it works, ill re-review this in about a week.


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* Improved mouse remote. * Fixed server compatibility. * Fixed list issue. * Misc bug fixes.