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David · 9/12/2013

Where are the cup/spoon measurements?

Christopher · 4/11/2013
mass and weight are not the same thing

My physics instructor says this app is wrong because mass and weight are not the same.

Dale · 3/21/2013
No Good

Tiles are jerky when scrolling the mouse, and many conversions are inaccurate, and in some cases way off.

george · 12/27/2012

I do not like windows store. The store says I own this app, but it cannot be found.

Max · 12/6/2012
UX is terrible

not very usable

Alan · 12/3/2012
Very limited

Not worth much since you can't copy and paste. Does handle extremely large or small numbers well (e.g. no scientific number entry).

Dustin · 11/24/2012
Slick but lacking

Nice looking UI but difficult to use on a non-touch enabled desktop. Also doesn't include conversion of flow, which I need most.

David · 11/23/2012

This is a phone's unit converter. It doesn't make use of the platform or large monitor sizes. There are better alternatives already.

Tejas · 7/13/2014

Like the app, better than others I have seen. Few criticisms to make it better: -Would like to see more conversions -Make the app look professional (while great, looks as if done in a few minutes) -To do this make background better -have less childish pictures -make it look neat overall -Have an wolfram alpha popup button (very nice to have in science apps) At the end, I find this app to work well, and if I have issues I can look them up in Wolfram Mathematica (because I have that app), but not everyone does, so the popup would be great to have. More conversions would be good, as a person should not need to open the internet to get an obtuse conversion, this should be a one-stop place. I have nothing against looks, as I mostly look at the conversions, but a better look could go a long way. Gadgetwe I hope you take my comments into consideration

Bruce · 7/8/2014
Simple and Intuitive

I use this all the time. Highly useable and visual. Convenient touch interface. Would be nice if could write numbers directly into the fields.

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