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Enable SSE2 during extraction

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Reviewer 6414 · 7/26/2015

Works Fast, is easy to understand, and is free. It's easy to use if you don't know much like me.

Reviewer 6422 · 7/9/2015
Unpacker sucks!

This product is terrible. I cannot get to open any of my files. One would expect that there will be a link on their site to either download a patch or lead you to some sort of support. I just wasted my money!

Reviewer 9007 · 7/19/2015

When I download files to unpack the unpacker opens, but then it just closes back to a tile. I try clicking on the tile, and it opens, but then immediately goes back to the home screen. On the side of the screen it says it is running, but when I click on it it just immediately goes back to the home screen. So I can download files, it just won't unpack them.

Reviewer 1578 · 7/12/2015
For the most part ok

Only complaint is that, for some reason that I can't discern, it takes forever and a week to unpack certain compressed file archives, even ones that aren't that large.

Matthew · 6/14/2015
Wonderful and very useful!

It always gets the job done. Easy, secure, fast.

Reviewer 5153 · 7/1/2015
Works perfect

Simple, easy to use, works perfectly.

Reviewer 5926 · 5/31/2015
need improved

every time I use the unpacker to unzip files I can never find or see my files after your app tells me that it has been unzipped. I pick where to unzip and the unzipped files simply do not appear. So your app does not work if the files that your program says is unzipped never appears as an unzipped file. This has occurred repeatedly when I use unpacker to unzip files.

Reviewer 8940 · 7/15/2015

Does what it needs to,but consistent crashes occur and opening and unpacking can be annoyingly slow when trying to open bigger files.Smaller files handle nicely,though.

Reviewer 8285 · 5/27/2015
Amazing Program

This app blew me away! I was able to unpack a NY Medicaid Remittance .tar file at lightning speed and import the X12 file into my remittance software no sweat. This app is incredible.

Shivam · 7/30/2015

Believe me unlike 7-Zip and WinRAR, this is completely different. It's FREE, and it unpacks .zip, .rar, and all kinds of other compressed files. I really suggest you download this. It takes a tiny bit of space in you computer to install without any hassles. Thanks for reading my review! AND HAPPY UNPACKING!

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