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Nick · 4/24/2015

There are about 5 cities to choose from. Not very useful.

Lexus · 12/20/2014

Interesting, when change from China Standards to U.S. Standards, the index increases a lot.

Виктор · 9/9/2014

Just simple info, no alarms, warnings, history, settings for my city data. Please add this to weather app.

Andrew · 4/18/2014

Cool app and tech, any plans to expand data sources to include North American cities?

Paul · 7/4/2015

More than a bit useless for a North American.....

Nathan · 3/5/2015

China only, sadly. Would love this for U.S.

James · 11/13/2014

China only. Please add US cities! I have damaged lungs due to childhood illness and local air quality is very important to me. I saw this app and thought it was an amazing idea for someone in my position.

Lionello · 10/19/2014

Please add AQI to small size tile

Dan · 6/15/2014

Where in the app description does it say this is only for China? Misleading, and worthless to anyone not in the cities available.

Kim · 6/5/2014

Using chinese scale, which is much higher limits for good air. US scale is halt of chinese. 50 in China, equals to 100 according to US scale