• Handle your Magic the Gathering cards collection
  • Evaluate your collection's value
  • Life counters
  • Decks manager
  • Import / export across devices
  • Statistics
  • Lock screen

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Reset button for search screen Bug fixes when there is no deck

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Beth · 8/1/2015
Good at first

I was a huge fan of the 8.1 version, and I was really excited to get the new Windows 10 version. Buuuut I've had a few problems. I saved my database (which luckily only included my rares) from the 8.1 version, but the 10 version says there's an error when it tries to import the file. So I had to re-enter all of my cards. And now, every time I try to open the settings menu, the app crashes and closes. After that happened a couple times, I realized that I had lost half of the data I had just spent a few hours inputting. So I'm very happy with the app, in theory -- I'm just going to wait until a few of the bugs are fixed. Update 7/31: I was contacted within 24 hours of my review, and the developer very nicely told me that he would take care of the issues -- and he did! The latest update has fixed every issue I had, and now I am 100% satisfied! GREAT APP!

Reviewer 0119 · 7/25/2015
Great tool!!!

I can keep track of my collection easier and plan desk with ease. Kudos!!!

Reviewer 6393 · 7/20/2015
Great App!!!

Works great! Excellent response time for customer support. Well worth taking the time to input my cards. Makes it really easy to deck build and keep track of what I own.

Reviewer 2860 · 6/20/2015

this is a perfect app for those that change decks often or want to see how one will play I like being able to keep track of my whole collection which took days to put in but great for the collector. the only thing I wish was that you would go off of more than one site for prices that is the only drawback because some of the cards are worth quite a bit more and I cant tell what condition you use for price 90 percent of mine have never been played and kept in sleeves for rares and mythics. But like I said it is perfect for everything else and so easy to use.

Reviewer 7981 · 6/1/2015
Extremely functional mtg app

This app is the best mtg app if found so far, and being free doesn't hurt either. running totals are fantastic at allowing me to keep track of the total value and number of cards I enter. Associated pictures for quick access by others looking to buy or trade is nice, and runs smoothly. Search engine allows for my lack of memory very well also. Only thing this app needs is a die roller and a life counter.

Reviewer 4955 · 6/7/2015

Well put together full description of cards it helps out with my Facebook page for my Arlington players we have created a guild and have found players new to the card game and this app helps teach them more about the game!!

cameron · 10/4/2014

where is khans its been out for almost a week and I still don't have it listed on the app. its great other than the fact that I bought three boxes of khans and I cant even put it down in my database cause the app doesn't even recognize the set nor the cards in it.

Cristin · 3/6/2014

Nothing special.

Tyler · 7/3/2013
Great app, but...

Sets are disappearing, please fix. Change to 5 stars when done. I even tried downloading all cards for offline, no good...

Reviewer 6828 · 4/10/2015
Amazing for a free app! Must have for collectors!

The sheer fact that this app chronicles every era of Magic with beautiful edition specific pics makes it a must have for players and collectors alike! It'll take me forever to input my collection, but I know it'll help me figure out what I've got when I'm done! The ability to search by color, keyword, type, etc. is amazing. The only cons I've noticed are some glitches when going back to the main menu (doesn't load all editions at times) and inputting more than one of a card can get a little tedious. One recommendation I would give is updating the database with edition specific pre-constructed decks-this is an option for some of the special edition sets which is a real time saver when trying to enter in cards, would be great to see it done with each set! Great job! I've already recommended it to some of my player friends!

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