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James R · 8/26/2015
Near perfect on Win10 Mobile

Amazing mtg app. So glad it came to win10 mobile. Really enjoying the layout and options. There are a couple issues and recommendations though: -Setting lock screen nor wallpaper options works, even though it says successful. -Downloading card images takes a long time on a good connection (45mbps down) -Ability to change were cards grab prices from is missing -Requesting trading tool to actively compare difference in value -Requesting list of comprehensive rules -Requesting a round timer With these fixes & features added it will literally be the perfect MtG app on win10 mobile, is still currently the best. Verizon HTC M8 Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview

Mike · 8/20/2015
Nearly perfect

Magic the Gathering collection managers don't come any better than this. The only thing I wish it had was a web or mobile counterpart for my phone so I can see what cards I am missing when I hit the local store.

Martin · 8/16/2015
Great tool!!!

I can keep track of my collection easier and plan desk with ease. Kudos!!!

Reviewer 2195 · 8/15/2015
Awesome app, easy to track, something missing though

Amazing app for keeping track of the cards you have and the decks you've made. However, there's a few things I'd like to see added. 1) Whenever new prebuild decks are released, it'd be awesome to just click a deck within the block section and add that deck to my collection. That way the only cards I have to add manually to my collection would be the boosters. 2) With this in mind, I'd also like to see a card count with the deck interface keeping track over if you have enough for that deck. Like if I have 3 plague rats but I have two decks with 2 plague rats each, a flag hovers it letting me know that I'm short and if I rebuild that deck, I need to temporarily pull from the other.

Dale · 8/12/2015
Best App for MTG fans!

I've been using this app for my collection since the very beginning and haven't looked back since.

Matthew · 8/15/2015
Very nice

I'm enjoying the new updates. I haven't been able to check it out for an extended period of time, but my previous issue was resolved. I still wish there was an android version for my phone and tablet though. . . You should add a wish list feature.

Tyson · 8/9/2015
Great for tracking collection

I would pay for this if it wasn't free. Quick and easy to use

Beth · 8/1/2015
Good at first

I was a huge fan of the 8.1 version, and I was really excited to get the new Windows 10 version. Buuuut I've had a few problems. I saved my database (which luckily only included my rares) from the 8.1 version, but the 10 version says there's an error when it tries to import the file. So I had to re-enter all of my cards. And now, every time I try to open the settings menu, the app crashes and closes. After that happened a couple times, I realized that I had lost half of the data I had just spent a few hours inputting. So I'm very happy with the app, in theory -- I'm just going to wait until a few of the bugs are fixed. Update 7/31: I was contacted within 24 hours of my review, and the developer very nicely told me that he would take care of the issues -- and he did! The latest update has fixed every issue I had, and now I am 100% satisfied! GREAT APP!

Traye · 8/27/2015
Great but wish there were an android app

great tool but the lack of an android counterpart really hamstrings the experience, keep up the good work, looking forward to a mobile solution

Reviewer 6393 · 7/20/2015
Great App!!!

Works great! Excellent response time for customer support. Well worth taking the time to input my cards. Makes it really easy to deck build and keep track of what I own.



  • Handle your Magic the Gathering cards collection
  • Evaluate your collection's value
  • Life counters
  • Decks manager
  • Import / export across devices
  • Statistics
  • Lock screen

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