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Phil · 7/17/2015

This used to be my go-to app for news. But over the last several months it has really dropped off. The headline stories are fewer and don't update as often. It isn't unusual to see a story stay on the front page for several days. But not listing the biggest stories of the day in favor of a Bruce Jenner story is what killed it for me today. While AP and NBC highlighted the terrorist shooting in TN and the James Holmes verdict in CO, USA TODAY decided to lead of with a story on unused rape kits and a piece on Catlyn/Bruce Jenner. There wasn't a single link to a page on either of the other two stories just mentioned. And that's an example of how cruddy this app has become. Unpinned from my phone and heading for uninstall.

Chris · 7/9/2015

Mostly I love this app. The one start I withhold is for when I put it to background and switch it back, it always jump to the very beginning of the article. Please fix it!

Cameron · 7/3/2015

Would be 5 stars, but the latest release has the following errors: 1: Only 4-5 articles are now showing up per section where there were many more before. 2: Most recent articles and news show pictures on the live tile, but are not showing up to actually read in the app, not sure if just delayed for a few hours or if the app just wont show the items that should be at the top of the list until others are added. 3. Crashes more frequently than normal.

Steven · 7/1/2015

Solidly functional, but it has recently become impossible to find anything but click bait on the news page. Headlines like Greece, wildfires, or proper news in general is not to be seen either on the main page or the news page. I do occasionally enjoy a good OZY story, but it seems to have gotten out of control as of late. Going to have to find a new source for my hard news on my Windows phone.

Kurt · 7/21/2015

Some articles hang around for days or weeks, usually the most ridiculous ones. Used to be better. Now use CNN but it's not much better.

Jay · 6/26/2015

UST was always my go to news source, but not anymore... Would have given a 5 rating a few months ago but as of late the content, meaning, via the main live tile that is, has been sparse. There used to be many articles, now only a handful. I sent several emails regarding this feedback to corporate with no replies.

Chad · 6/30/2015

Very poor links to outside news articles. Spent more time trying to connect than reading the article.

Scott · 6/28/2015

What's happened to this app? It used to be awesome but now the stories don't download. The pics on the live tile don't match the stories anymore. It crashes every other launch. You guys need to show it some TLC.

Ryan · 6/18/2015

Terrible. Always loads web pages that jump you back up to the top of the page as things load. Reached my frustration level, uninstalled and off to find a new news app. Also is this a news app or an advertising app? Tired of "news articles" that are really just ads for products.

Joe · 5/31/2015

Used to be a good, clean, simple app. Now they are using web pages that sometimes makes it unreadable or unusable. Also the "news" section is full of stories that are not news.