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Mike · 7/19/2015
Clunky, but functional

Has the features you'd expect from s mobile banking app -- image deposit (something USAA was among the first to offer), transfers, even bill pay. However, the UI is clunky and sometimes difficult to navigate. If you have USAA and a Windows Phone, you'll want this app, though.

Josiah · 8/2/2015
It's ok

It does a good job at baseline tasks. Looks like the developers just put something out to have their brand name in the store. I'd like to see it as a universal app (Windows 10) with the a full range of capabilities.

Kristofer · 6/11/2015

The continuous updates have been fantastic! I use this app daily, and I cannot even remember the last time I went and logged on to the USAA website because this app is that great. Thanks USAA!!!

Josh · 5/31/2015

Thank you for coming back to windows phone! Your app is wonderful, at first it didn't take pictures of the checks very well, but I haven't had an issue in a long time! Great job and thank you!

Michael · 6/5/2015

The app worked great on my Nokia icon with windows 8. However, I cannot get it to open on the same phone with windows 10. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I have also rebooted the phone multiple times.

Alex · 5/15/2015

I just switched to a Windows Phone from the iPhone, and the iPhone app allows you to see your scheduled transactions on your accounts. Not being able to see scheduled transactions on the Windows version is a pretty uncool drawback, but otherwise the app isn't bad.

B · 6/17/2015

CAUTION if you have used a USAA app on another platform - WP version does not sign you out if you view something else without exiting. Q reviewer is right - this app does the minimum. I'm coming off the more functional iOS version & know what should be here. Also, it evidently has to be deleted & reinstalled every month or so to keep working.

Haley · 5/13/2015

Pretty horrible. I constantly have to reinstall the app. Takes forever to log in sometimes if it even works. Also, it keeps crashing lately when I try to use the mobile deposit feature and there are no USAAs in my area. So that's cool.

Isaac · 5/25/2015

This is a pretty useful banking app. When I first began to use it I experienced some issues with quick logon failures and freezing. Now the bugs seem to be worked out. But, I'm taking off a couple of stars due to spotty check image recognition (even checks printed by USAA itself!), and the inability for me to send money to another USAA member. Sending money to someone else is the main reason I used the mobile app on my old Android phone. Now I'm just SOL. I don't understand why USAA cannot implement this feature into the WP app. An explanation would be nice. At the moment I would do almost as well to use the mobile web page instead of the app.

Scott · 4/9/2015

Delighted they finally brought this back. Works, interface is laid out well. Stable, fluid, and secure. Not sure what others who rated low and ranted harshly are experiencing, but do give this app a try. 4/9/15: Still a fantastic app. Even allows brokerage transactions (e.g. placing trade orders, etc). Easy to use, excellent features, stable.