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吕 · 7/25/2015

But I think Xurfer is much more better...

Christian · 9/18/2013

Can't log in to eBay using PC view..

Nav · 9/2/2013

I thought this could fix google fail new a OAuth2 login page, didnt work though. Still cant allow apps permission to my google account.

Michael · 3/6/2015

Useful for a few sites that need to be fooled into thinking I have an iPhone to work with WP8.1. A few desktop sites too. Page support needs to get closer to IE, however. It needs an ad-free option too.

don · 1/11/2015

Could not to view desktop version of websites with windows 8.1 phone. this app worked to allow you to change user agent. Worked great

Mark · 11/1/2013

Good, but what is the app doing in the background draining the battery and making the phone hot? Other browser apps don't cause this.

Rian · 6/9/2013

Does what it claims in switching the browser User Agent, but it does not seem to support Basic Authentication which is what I needed to login to a Management web portal.

Jeremy · 5/23/2013

Good app for using Google Maps. Setting the user agent to Android yields the best results for me. I would give it five stars if I could pin favorites to the start screen, and if the app could access my location and pass it to the webpage.

Eric · 4/19/2013

Apparently, this doesn't work. I've held on to the app for quite awhile hoping it would be fixed. User agent profiles for iPhone and Android Smartphone don't do anything. Attempted to use HTML5 NASATV video links for them and they aren't detected. I give up. Uninstalling.

Stephen · 3/2/2013

Lots of user agent options, but not a single one fools the website I need. If it let me choose prior desktop versions of IE this app would be indispensable.