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吕 · 8/13/2015

Frankly speaking, you need to upgrade your app, Xurfer is now better than you... There are sooo many devices to swap...! http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/xurfer/3115c49d-41bf-40fb-a4ad-e45f02a9ddcf

iquanyin · 5/12/2014

it worked fine. now its not. what happened? htc 8x

Christian · 9/18/2013

Can't log in to eBay using PC view..

Nav · 9/2/2013

I thought this could fix google fail new a OAuth2 login page, didnt work though. Still cant allow apps permission to my google account.

Aaron · 6/6/2013

Could you add blackberry? There's a promo for free WiFi on all delta flights for blackberry users :)

Michael · 3/6/2015

Useful for a few sites that need to be fooled into thinking I have an iPhone to work with WP8.1. A few desktop sites too. Page support needs to get closer to IE, however. It needs an ad-free option too.

don · 1/11/2015

Could not to view desktop version of websites with windows 8.1 phone. this app worked to allow you to change user agent. Worked great

Mark · 11/1/2013

Good, but what is the app doing in the background draining the battery and making the phone hot? Other browser apps don't cause this.

Rian · 6/9/2013

Does what it claims in switching the browser User Agent, but it does not seem to support Basic Authentication which is what I needed to login to a Management web portal.

Jeremy · 5/23/2013

Good app for using Google Maps. Setting the user agent to Android yields the best results for me. I would give it five stars if I could pin favorites to the start screen, and if the app could access my location and pass it to the webpage.


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