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User · 9/14/2013

Good for ringbacks

Ricardo · 6/27/2013

Nice! Now I can change my ring back finally!

User · 6/20/2013

Good if you use ring back tones

Douglas Michael · 11/3/2014

That's Unfortunate.... This app freezes constantly, and its not intuitive at all. Good music choices, but bad tool. One minute ask of my ring back tones are there, then they're gone. Then they're back. I'm so confused 😖.

Jared · 9/12/2014

Very easy to use and the selection is very big and current

Serena · 9/6/2014

You'd think Verizon would make sure that their own app works! I can't even open it... Quite frustrating!

Ashwin · 2/27/2014

Ver poor app. Yes, you can get the job done (like buying ringtones or RBT's). But it may take a few tries. It's also very slow and becomes unresponsive at times. Using on my Nokia Lumia Icon.

Lynne · 4/2/2015

App has some glitches. Tones often fail to download. Tones stored in "downloads" can only be viewed-the "failed" downloads can't be retried, as the app implies. You just have to start again.

Allison · 4/12/2015

Whatever problems you guys are having with this, needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!!

User · 11/20/2014

Was working great. Went to use it to day all I get is a black screen with wavy think red line across the screen... Smh.... FIX THE ISSUE VERIZON!!!