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Dušan · 9/2/2015

Excellent app! Quick and easy!

Thuy Dy · 8/22/2015

Too slow... It takes ages to start and resume.

techi · 8/30/2015

Sending text is great. Phone calls are not the greatest, but I do have to say that at least I can understand most of the conversation most of the time.

Arman · 8/24/2015

Voice quality is good, but texts are slow to update... Especially when you use multiple devices my windows phone device is the last one to synchronize my chats!

Gregory · 9/2/2015

Very helpful and easy to use. Thank you

Dale · 8/16/2015

Viber's a great app for communicating with people around the world. When the connections are smooth, the messaging and the phone calls are fast and clear. I wish I had video capability, but its maybe my particular phone. Other than that, I recommend that everyone get viber on their mobile devices. Viber's a 5-star hit.

Patty · 8/10/2015

Clear connection. Easy to use...with two kids abroad, Viber is the most valuable app I have!

Samuel · 8/25/2015

Clean calls most of the time.

Ana · 9/1/2015

Notifications used to come late. Now they don't come at all. Please fix.

Kanita · 8/9/2015

Has all the features I need and simple ux: Texting, sharing photos, voice/video. The only improvements I would suggest is ability to send larger videos and deleting only selected conversations as opposed to every contacts' history. Also sometimes, voice quality is poor.


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