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Thuy Dy · 8/22/2015

Too slow... It takes ages to start and resume.

Arman · 8/24/2015

Voice quality is good, but texts are slow to update... Especially when you use multiple devices my windows phone device is the last one to synchronize my chats!

Dale · 8/16/2015

Viber's a great app for communicating with people around the world. When the connections are smooth, the messaging and the phone calls are fast and clear. I wish I had video capability, but its maybe my particular phone. Other than that, I recommend that everyone get viber on their mobile devices. Viber's a 5-star hit.

Patty · 8/10/2015

Clear connection. Easy to use...with two kids abroad, Viber is the most valuable app I have!

Kanita · 8/9/2015

Has all the features I need and simple ux: Texting, sharing photos, voice/video. The only improvements I would suggest is ability to send larger videos and deleting only selected conversations as opposed to every contacts' history. Also sometimes, voice quality is poor.

Celia · 8/24/2015

Easy to use, great features, crystal clear sound!

Jonathan · 8/8/2015

Easy to use and to connect to love ones😊

Danny · 8/21/2015

I like Viber because it let me get in touch with my friend overseas at anytime, even though it cuts off sometimes it let me call again at no cost at anytime, I highly recommended it to all the people that I knew.

Rob · 8/6/2015

Sound quality is very crisp. There were a number of disconnects on overseas calls, but could be internet connection quality on overseas end. Call would occasionally jump to On Hold without touching keyboard. Pressing Hold key would reconnect the call.

Zoltán · 7/30/2015

No favorites and need to unlock the phone to answer calls, but apart from that it is stable and delivers notifications way faster than Skype. And it uses half the data for voice.


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