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Support for 4K video input with max 1080p output (on supported device models) Miscellaneous bug fixes

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Steve · 6/24/2015

Great app. Needs more stock background music options (like Microsoft's "Movie Moments" app), and more filter options (film grain & static filters would be great). Overall the most useful video editing app I've come across in the WP store.

Thato · 7/24/2015

Great and simple app.

Daniel · 5/1/2015

Works great! I like the ability to change the speed of videos, also being able to change the exposure is nice! The latest update fixed any issues I had before.

Parth · 4/11/2015

I LOVE THIS APPLICATION! It just works! Update. It does work weirdly sometimes. The output video looks like a collection of vertical multicoloured sticks. Please fix.

Paul · 6/18/2015

Stunningly powerful and efficient, especially on a phone so weak as mine (Lumia 520). It may be a little simple and doesn't support splitting, merging, truncation or transitions, but for anybody running Cyan or higher, you won't find anything faster. It has a LOT of filter effects, though, which is nice. It's a shame Microsoft didn't restrict it to people who were on the Cyan version, resulting in such a low score. I hope Microsoft adds in their Hyperlapse stabilization engine in soon; that would be great.

Cameron · 7/17/2015

Works great. Now I can get rid of my other editor :)

a · 3/16/2015

The Best but... İt's really good to do sth on video and easy but ı hope with uptade they can get write sth on a video

Markus · 3/6/2015

With cyan it didn't work at all... Now with denim installed I have to give 4/5 stars, video editing with smartphone is fun and easy when using this app! :)

Lívia · 3/27/2015

This app would be awesome if it didn't take - literally - forever to save the edited video! Seriously, more than an hour to save a video and not even saving it is not worth a single star!

Mack · 2/16/2015

Works great with Lumia 1020 (must have Cyan software release)! The only issue I found was when trying to turn original video volume all the way down and using a music track as the main audio. For some reason you can hear both the original audio as well as the music audio once 'saved'. Maybe I'm just not doing it right?