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Gavin · 7/26/2015

The app is pretty nice. My biggest gripe is the like page, it only loads a handful of my liked videos and I can't see the rest. There is no option to go to the next page or load more videos. Fix this and you have a 5/5 star app.

Sergy · 7/20/2015

Really nice design and performance. It could use an update, tho.

Shaikh Muhammad · 8/27/2015

Uploading does not work

Kovax · 7/14/2015

I would give -5 stars because is very bugy and full of errors, i can't play Hd videoa

Ivan · 3/24/2015

Search doesnt work. Crashes in most cases. I can only watch video off my homescreen, vimeo picks and stuff.

Jack · 5/31/2015

Good animations and UI, but still needs some work. Profile pictures aren't HD and are all fuzzy. Splash screen has scaling issues. "Add to" feature doesn't actually work from WP-only on desktop. You are getting there!

Joseph · 6/18/2015

I really like this app, but it's time for an update... I mean, come on, it's been an year since the last update. Vimeo, we love you, show us some love back.

Dash · 3/31/2015

The app has gotten better; it's smoother and nude videos aren't so prominently displayed anymore. For five stars you should be able to tap the video uploader's name to see more videos from them.

Wilvin · 3/8/2015

Only comes with very basic functionality. If you're a heavy Vimeo user, you will be very disappointed. Casual users who only watch random videos, will be fine.

Mike · 12/31/2014

To make this a mature app, you guys have to tie it into the "Share" apps, at least from the phone's local storage, and hopefully, from One Drive (this IS a Windows phone app). The limitation of only being able to upload just-filmed videos is very limiting;-)


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