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Brand new, from Vine to you: Uploading videos from your camera roll: - In the capture screen, you’ll find a new button on the bottom left to access your camera roll - Preview videos of any length, and trim them to 6 seconds or less - Upload a single video, or mix and match to tell a story! Privately send Vine videos and texts back and forth with a friend. Customize your profile with colors. We’ve also redesigned the Activity section to include: - New account milestones. Find out when you get a lot of activity – loop counts, likes, new followers, and more! - More visual and concise notifications, plus new notifications when your friends join Vine

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tim · 7/30/2015

Very nice and impressive for this update!! But it's very very great more, if you make video download available!, thanks!!

Tyler · 7/9/2015

Recently updated so you can upload pre recorded vines which is fantastic. Great app. Only need option to turn off auto play, option to save other peoples vines, dark theme, more video editing tools.

Valentin · 7/25/2015

Much improved, however still sub par with the versions offered on mainstream OS's. Plus, the videos have stopped playing altogether recently on my 1520. Needs a new update once again.

Matt · 7/20/2015

Consistent "Unable to load activities" notice when checking notifications. Someone followed me? Revied my vine? Liked my vine? Well I'LL never know will I!? Who knows maybe a long lost twin found me and vine has been the only source thus far... now I'll never be reunited with my long lost twin. You feel good about that Mr. App Dev? You should be ashamed. Shame! Shame! Shame! *dingle dingle*

Ndumezulu · 8/2/2015

Great app, I'm holding back one star till the notification section works again. Nowadays it doesn't show or load anything & I've already friend reinstalling the app, but the problem persists.

Ali · 6/20/2015

Love how people can let loose and share laughs, excellent content and user community, after installing though I had some difficulty with getting my notifications and seeing relevant activity, and an unknown error occurs when I try to link my facebook account.

Muhammad Norazri · 7/24/2015

Supposed to be 5 stars for wonderful app and services offered in Android and iPhones, but deducted to 3. 2 causes includes FAIL TO UPLOAD VINES and CRASHES OCCURENCE. A minor cause is the lack of updated features, not up to pace with other OS'ses. Please fix 'em up.

sumit · 6/18/2015

Okay I got lil problem at first that of video uploading. I tried 2-3times then I gave up. I thought to merge both the vine videos (which I was tryna upload) in videoshop app. So I did n when I clicked share button there I got vine option n that's how I uploaded my 1st video on vine.

Becca · 6/24/2015

Ok so ever since the previous update ALOT of things have improved! For example: The app doesn't crash as much as it used too and the videos play smoothly. The MAJOR problem is that none of the video files on my camera roll will upload! I use an editing app to make them, and I work pretty hard on them. However, since there are so many positive reviews since this update, I feel as though it could just be me. If so, I would appreciate help as to how to fix this problem.

Ravi · 6/23/2015

This vine app sucks. Can not record a correct video, and often crashes. Needs updates