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Chris · 7/9/2015

I need a project based task manager. The folders and customizable format with the Toodledo sync make this app perfect for my needs.

mattanamo · 2/7/2012

Some nice design but a little to complicated for me

semiautomata · 1/6/2011

Paid for it, but interface is very clunky; easier to just use toodledo in the phone browser. Avoid.

Fred · 4/10/2014

Changed my mind from 4 to 1 star. Recurring doesn't work, sync doesn't work, and the developer is nowhere to be found.

Dante · 7/31/2013

I try never to give 1-star reviews, and this app is certainly full featured, attractive, and easy to use, but I just can't trust it. I've noticed repeating tasks disappearing, and I just got screwed by a disappearing "Pay health insurance premium" task. It's been repeating for months, but it just now disappeared. I've been extremely busy and just completely gapped on the bill. This was the PERFECT time for a task list to do it's thing, but it blew it. Uninstalling, sorry.

Rick · 6/5/2013

Enjoying it so far. Can I upgrade to get rid of the ads?

Terrence · 5/6/2013

Would be 5 if would also sync with the phone calendar tasks too.

Slava · 5/2/2013

Single app which is not crashing after adding more than 300 tasks with links and different languages.

Kelly · 4/30/2013

Took some getting used to- but out of the gtd apps I've tried, this gives me the most usefulness. I like that I can pin by status and swipe through folders- that is a cool feature. I do wish that I could update time- when I'm on the toodledo website, it adds up how many hours are on my selected tasks, and I use that a lot to know if I have time to do what I have listed.

Joe · 4/4/2013

Great design, won't execute well enough on my 920 to be useful, even after investing too much time in trying. No recurring appointments, can't set default contexts for folders so lots of needless re-entry, too many little issues keep this from being a great program.


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