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Gregory · 11/4/2014

Great idea, however for me (Samsung ativ s aka GT-I8570) the keyboard is non functional... Too bas. Also a Ti-92 mode (landscape keyboard) would be great

Christian · 9/15/2014

Hey I will definitely give it credit, of course it still needs a little work as it says in the description, and tweaks for 8.1 but I give him four stars for effort plus it runs great on 928

Chris · 4/29/2014

I'd give it five stars but it doesn't appear to be formatted for the 1080p resolution on my nokia 1520

Jason · 2/1/2014

This is an awesome app! It is just like having a ti-89 on the phone! It was so useful to me when my ti-89 got stolen, I could still do work! The app does freeze here and there, but it is still under testing and I am grateful for the app.

Mario · 1/13/2014

Useless. Doesn't work much as it becomes non responsive. It doesn't become frozen, you can actually continue to push buttons but nothing happens. I don't even think developer is still working on further updates for this app.

Michel · 9/1/2013

This is a great way to save money so you don't have to buy a $100 and up graphing calculator.

Ilya · 5/13/2013

Excellent app. Does everything my ti89 does, but on wp8. Make sure to double tap keys if program seems unresponsive, and it will register the button presses.

Toni i Marin · 5/24/2015

The app stops working after I scroll; when I press a button, the button press animation is displayed, but nothing happens. This mekes the app unusable. Please fix this.

Matthew · 11/7/2014

Great app- works pretty much like the TI89. Good for when I need a graphing calculator but don't want to re-learn another app to do it.

Michael · 8/15/2015

Don't bother downloading this.


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