• Video playback
  • Music playback
  • MKV playback
  • FLAC playback
  • Mini audio player and background audio
  • Media Library
  • Support for 10bits video
  • Subtitles

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Version Notes

In this update, we rewrote most of the application to be ported to the 8.1 APIs. This update should improve a lot the decoding speed, and improve the audio quality. This should also fix numerous bugs, issues and crashes.

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Seyed Reza · 8/1/2015
Playing while minimized, Scaling problem and ...

1- When playing high resolution videos, it can't show the complete video frame in the window. 2- By minimizing the app, it stops playing the audio. 3- More options for subtitle required, like syncing with video, changing font and charset. It would be great, solving this problems.

Nick · 7/26/2015
Scaling doesn't work on small high res screens

I have my computer set to 150% scaling because of resolution and screen size. Videos that play within app seem to not center right, there more to the right and down. So subtitles are askew. A fix would be nice. Otherwise its very good, love VLC and use the VLC remote app on android too! By the way, the newest build of VLC player coming up has big buttons! great for touchscreens.

Vesselin · 7/22/2015
Decent start needs more work

It's a good start but very limited compared to the desktop counterpart. The UI is going in the right direction but needs a little more polish and consistency (hope that'll come with time). It does crash a lot on me, especially when doing it's initial scan and categorization of different libraries (music, etc.)

Subhendu · 7/22/2015
Good Start but needs improvements

This app is good but not perfect. First, it needs to be updated for Windows 10 & second, it needs to fix the bug of player controls constantly appearing while playing videos

Reviewer 5790 · 8/1/2015
Needs work

Shows promise, but on my winbook tablet, the option to set the video folder is not working, which makes this real cumbersome to use. I would like it to automatically connect to my media server, but can't get it to do that.

Norrel · 7/30/2015
close to the original

its design really compliments the windows 10 UI. however, there is no ESC or double-click to get out of fullscreen, which is kinda annoying.

Te-jé · 7/30/2015
The "Add a new folder" button doesn't work on Win10

On Windows 10, the app is currently limited to searching my Music and Videos library folders. There's no way for me to play a video that doesn't reside in those folders.

Reviewer 2574 · 7/15/2015
Doesn't work with HDMI

I really like using VLC, unfortunately the app version for Windows 8 is somewhat limited in scope. At first I thought it was just Windows 8 limitations, but eventually I just went back to the standard install of VLC media player and ditched the app.

Eloy · 7/11/2015

The new UI is pretty nice, but can't play music in background, pauses even when I go to the start menu. Please, add a volume control button like Xbox Music! And fix those annoying glitches and bugs!!

Reviewer 6806 · 6/28/2015
Want to love it

The desktop application is wonderful and has served me well for many years, however the Modern App has next to none of the features that the desktop version has. I CANT EVEN SELECT MULTIPLE EPISODES?? Or adjust volume or scrub with the key functions I could use before?? The desktop App runs circles around this, and until they can fix it ill be using the desktop version.

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