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5 stars out of 5
isabel · 8/15/2015

para mi es mejor que la 10. ahora estoy muy entredada en la 10, con la 8 esta muy bien ahora que puedo hacer.... sino una nueva y esta por lenta la que tenia ante que era la 8 esta siempre al momento muy buena es la 8 Windows.

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1 stars out of 5
XweApon · 10/10/2015
OK, No More Green Line

VLC has been the most useful and most used of all my desktop programs, it does more than any other player. I don't understand why this has so many issues. I played with this all afternoon, it doesn't even play a quarter of the codecs I have. There is practically NO codec support. No green line, but many of my videos have NO video output whatsoever. On the few that played I had to wait up to a half an hour for playback to start. At this point, Video Jack is kicking VLC's ****. And THAT is a shame.

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2 stars out of 5
Mark · 10/5/2015
Misses the mark

First everyone has been raving about the UI. I'm sorry but, no. None of the controls have popup tool tips. I went into the files section and was stuck, the main tool bar disappeared. I have over 1200 albums on my system; it's been two days and this VLC has only found 588, because it stops working when minimize it. Not only that, but no album shows more than 2 songs; I'm not sure what's going on there, when you find an album it should list all the songs of that album. When I play music there are these little interruptions sounding like digital stream distortion, kind of a grrrr sound. My favorite feature of the full Win 7 version was the ability to play fully copied DVD from a folder on the hard drive, however this app finds the folders, but says there's nothing inside them to play. I'm keeping the app installed maybe updates will come down the line that will fix these glaring flaws.

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5 stars out of 5
Samer · 10/9/2015
its getting better and better by each release

I'm starting to use it more than my desktop music player especially after the update looking forward for future versions

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4 stars out of 5
mohammed · 9/25/2015
It is not the best but it is good . Also crashes a lot.

I really like the color combination of black and orange it would be helpful more if you did a little tweaks to the music player. Also a point to note it crashes a lot in windows 10 and while minimizing music pause too I understand videos have to pause but why music , Even I am unable to select multiple tracks to add to play list. The app can have many more updates and I hope they refine this soon.

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1 stars out of 5
josh · 10/8/2015
rarely works

luck of the draw if this app actually will play a video. better off downloading the application direct from the main site and installing 100% success rate with that version compared to on a good day about 30% with this app.

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5 stars out of 5
sina · 9/25/2015

hello about this version my full comment .good screen and good menu to accessibility my file but I have problem .of course not straightforward to this version .also I have question .this. why when I goal STOP .ALSO WHEN MY SOFTWARE 3 max OPEN .VLC .jump to above my desktop or cursor .sometimes unexpected hidden -or better say close .above my software .when I stop that again reply ....and about personalization .special screen .setting hardworking .also sensitively configuration .changing .hard .even setting to first location .and so I have suggestion please because this windows very professional of course configurations some .more .very sensitively .special when work software .together with VLC. (software pause)25-60)_ special my case . even more RAM .or CPU...THINK configuration screen HIGHH .REQUERING .ACTION....VLC...please about this info .better enthusiastic this version .my knowledge not very good ..thanked best...

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2 stars out of 5
Steven · 9/23/2015
Brilliant UI, bad sound quality.

I really, really love the UI, and I was willing to switch because of this... But then I actually tried to listen to something, and my ears bled a little. It seems that it's just over-amplified, but that makes it sound horrible. It feels like it's using software decoding, which isn't right... Everything just sounds distorted on my machine. (SoundBlaster ZxR) Groove actually sounds better. WHY...? And as a suggestion, why not allow this to sync to the phone app? Perhaps in the future? Just fix the sound (probably harder than it appears, no?), and add sync functionality, and you have a winner. Thanks!

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3 stars out of 5
Tran · 9/27/2015
Please, please make it possible to play music

...in the background. That's it and I will shift to VLC forever. The UI meets my favor, artist info is great. Only the lack of playing music in the background. Ok?

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4 stars out of 5
Codey · 9/21/2015
Needs Updated

1.) Needs updated to Win 10 format (has the Win10 look, but needs official format. Ex: Remove fullscreen button and hamburger menu then add a back button) 2.) Needs ability to auto fetch metadata (Album name, album art, song info, etc.) 3.) Video Interface (play, pause, etc.) needs to fade away when mouse sits idle for more than 3 seconds OR when clicking outside of the app. Its a great start, however, it should be just as functional as the desktop version. Keep up the great work, I look forward to some updates!

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  • Video playback
  • Music playback
  • MKV playback
  • FLAC playback
  • Mini audio player and background audio
  • Media Library
  • Support for 10bits video
  • Subtitles

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In this update, we enabled TagLib, worked on the hardware decoding and several awesome features. The user interface has been updated to match the Windows 10 design, and hundreds of bugs are fixed.

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