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mohammed · 8/28/2015
It is not the best but it is good .

I really like the color combination of black and orange it would be helpful more if you did a little tweaks to the music player. Also a point to note it crashes a lot in windows 10 and while minimizing music pause too I understand videos have to pause but why music , Even I am unable to select multiple tracks to add to play list. The app can have many more updates and I hope they refine this soon.

Blair · 8/23/2015
EXE to App - NOT happy

Upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. Latest version of exe doesn't want to open any files avi mkv etc. probably codec access related. Downloaded app as its 'windows 10 compatible' What a joke - absolutely no feature or usability comparison to the exe on a standard non-touchscreen PC, and yet we seem to be forced into using it? -Crashes if opening mkv from explorer without app already open in background. -No ability to easily open individual file through app without adding entire folder to library -Took about a dozen restarts/crashes of app to even add my library Will be persevering with the windows app until an update of the EXE for 10 is stable.

Nhan · 8/24/2015
nice ,some problems are solved

1. it is good on starting a HQ video. 2. The volume in app is proper function now 3. Subtitle problem is solved 4. Keep updating the app frequently please 5. Start a video from app: It takes much too much time to start but when I use file exploder it is fast to play a video 6. drag and drop video into vlc windows feature plz. 7. The app should have all features from the .exe program. 8. Audio codec support : app can't play file .m4a, can you make this app be able to play every popular codecs ? Thank you for the updates. keep working on the app. Can u make a feedback feature in app or leave us an email to ask and response quickly about all problems of the app?

William · 8/28/2015
No scroll support for volume, complete lack of settings

I downloaded this because VLC for windows was not snapping and didn't have support for windows 10 themes. It's great that this does but so far the settings are horribly limiting and it doesn't support basic functions like volume scrolling. I want the same experience I had in windows 8 at the very least but it doesn't seem VLC can provide it any more. mouse occasionally stops working when in full screen (brand new batteries, not replicatable out of full screen, alt tab fixes) I'd add a couple stars if basic functions were restored.

Robert · 8/22/2015
Doesn't Compare

Since Winamp is currently not working for my Win10 I decided to look for comparable apps ... this isn't it. I installed it and it stated doing it's own search through my videos and music. I all ready know where my videos and my music are. I don't need a separate library to tell me I have the music and videos I all ready know I have. The only way I can see to create your own playlist within the app is to go through each individual album and click "add to playlist" which adds all of the songs from that album. Going to the playlist in play- you are allowed no way to edit the list - you can't even save it to call it up again. Perhaps the only real way to create your playlist is to put individual songs in folders on your computer and then select that folder once this app has added it to it's library. I don't store my music that way on my computer though. Winamp made that so much easier. I store my music by Genre and then by artist and I have thousands of songs! not albums, but songs!

ricks · 8/22/2015
As of 8/22/2015 completely broken.

mp4/mkv files will open for a splitsecond and then the app crashes and closes. I've only been able to play 1 mkv file and the VLC menu and file name are jumbled across the whole screen--when I click for the video to go in full screen it stays at 100% zoom in a corner with the rest of the screen black. Mind you this is for the 1 file out of dozens that actually didn't automatically crash the app. The app was working great the last time I used it 3-4 days ago. Assuming it was auto-updated in the background during this time. Now it's 100% broke. I've rebooted. Reinstalled it. Changed to hardware accelerated video. Changed back to not hardware accelerated video. Nothing works. It's completely broken and now uninstalled.

Gayan · 8/22/2015
Loving this new update but the search engine

Loving this new update the player would be perfect if I could search for music by their name, not only by the album name. it would be great after you type something on the search bar, the result shows videos, tracks, albums, and artists in different groups. that would make this perfect. the player crashed couple of times when I tried to open a video straight from the windows explorer

Karine · 8/23/2015
Background images

They could focus more the background pictures on now playing, aside from random blurred images. Nice player though :)

t8ntlikly · 8/22/2015
Better than Xbox Music

Well, the tablet edition is way better than the messed up WP version, but then that is just my opinion. The only thing I really have a problem with on this app is the user interface. Needs a lot of work... For Example I clicked on what appears to be a calendar icon to see what that was, and found that other than clicking home there was no way back. Did you forget the <--- arrow. Like I said its a good app with a lot of potential but needs some serious U.I. work.... Like Groove at least this app found all of my music, unlike Xbox Music. Keep working on this guys it has lots of promise. BTW the video portion needs U.I. work as well...

Nicolas · 8/21/2015
needs work on critical areas

This App is beautifully designed. The text and images, alongside animations make this a great design object. However, there far too many issues with usability. First, the latest update (1.6) brought the slideshow, which starts with music. This feature is really annoying. It isn't practical at all. It requires an extra-click (or tap) to get rid of it and check the playlist. I wish there was a way to deactivate this feature. There is one in settings that seems to do that, but doesn't work. Second, when adding music, the App takes a lot of restarts to actually add my whole music library. This is an issue in the latest version of the apps and the previous one. I noticed, because with the update, the App tried to read my music library again and the problem persisted. I had to restart it at least 10 times so the App could add all my music. Third, the search box won't work. Fourth, and essential, no background video OR MUSIC playback is working. Previous version worked much better.



  • Video playback
  • Music playback
  • MKV playback
  • FLAC playback
  • Mini audio player and background audio
  • Media Library
  • Support for 10bits video
  • Subtitles

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In this update, we enabled TagLib, worked on the hardware decoding and several awesome features. The user interface has been updated to match the Windows 10 design, and hundreds of bugs are fixed.

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