• On-the-go access – Work on your Windows-based VMware View virtual desktop right from your Windows RT tablet, laptop or computer.
  • Best of both worlds – Feel right at home with support for gestures for quick and easy navigation around your desktop. Need to do something more complex? Call up the touch pointer for better mouse tap
  • Secure from any location – At your desk or away from the office you’re always secure. Access your View desktop over Wi-Fi or Ethernet and your desktop is delivered securely to your wherever you are.

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- Improved certificate handling with tunnel support - Bug fixes

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Scott · 8/22/2014
No screen scaling options

Glad to see the tool on the platform, but running it on my Surface Pro 3 yields a tiny tiny font display with now way to scale it up. Host font scaling settings don't get reflected in target vm.

Brian · 8/18/2014
fixed App works beautifully

I tried this a few months a go and it failed miserable , but recently I really needed to put it on my Surface RT so I gave it one more shot. To my joy and surprise it worked and worked great with full touch control. I then downloaded it the Desktop instead of the desktop app and it connected immediately and I swear it is much faster. All I need now is a Windows Phone App to run on my nokia 1520 and my life will be complete.

Tyler · 6/10/2014
PCoIP = Yay! Disconnects = Boo!

Well, I am very happy to have PCoIP supported, and can now actually connect to my virtual desktop. The downside is that the client does not effectively run in the background. In turn, you have to stay within the client to remain connected to your desktop. This being said, the ability to actually connect to my virtual desktop trumps usability. Keep it up VMware!

Michael · 4/16/2014
App functions - lacking features

There are two key features that I need that keeps us from using it. 1. Multi-Monitor support 2. log in as current user Otherwise, it functions well.

Reviewer 9024 · 5/26/2015
Still needs some work

Its an ok start but its way below the desktop client. The app cannot stay connected in the background, it doesn't resume, it can't login as current user and many other options are missing. Its the only VMware product with the Modern UI, so at least VMWare provided a client, albeit not a very good one.

Leandro · 7/26/2015
lacks background capabilities

My only complaint is that it can't run in the background and therefore times out in 2 minutes. This hurts productivity significantly when working on a tablet and need to work on another app for a couple of minutes.

Eric · 3/3/2015
App does not match the Release Notes!

Release notes stated added resolution option for high DPI devices. No where in the app can you find this feature.

Akshitkumar · 2/23/2015
Still Needs Work

The app times-out quickly, especially when minimized. Further, it freezes a lot while connected to remote desktop. Experience is very choppy.

travis · 2/7/2015
Can't seem to get v3 working

Version 2.1 using the RDP protocol worked fine. Unfortunately having tested 3.1 and 3.2 via both RDP and PCoIP, nothing works. I get stuck at "The Connection Server is preparing the desktop/application...". UPDATE: The above was with a RT tablet. I've been working with VMware and they made me aware of this article: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2099979 which states that the Microsoft Store version of the View client needs at least 3 cores. As a test, I reduced my Windows 8.1 (full version) laptop to 2 cores and the regular version of the client worked fine, but the Microsoft Store version produced the same error as my RT tablet. Increased the core count back to all available and it works fine. So...why are three cores required for the MS Store version?????????

Adam · 1/30/2015
Great app!!

Would give 5 stars if there were a way to delete old servers no longer in use. I tried without success so ended up deleting then re-installing the app and only adding current servers.

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