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Richy · 9/15/2014
Awful Piece of Crap

There are so many other audio apps that are far superior that this example of cow manure. The vocals can STILL BE HEARD though reduced and the music has an awful swooshy sound meaning it is NOT a clean job. App released as half-done / half-assed. It is better to pay for something good that receive something free that is just bad. Uninstalling immediately!

reza · 10/25/2013
Not bad at all !!!

This app is not bad at all. Anyway you can't expect it to take away the vocal correctly, no software dose this! I actually enjoyed using this software because it was able to open my Mp4 video Karaoke songs! Don't get excited! it dose not play the video, but plays only the audio. You can still change pitch and that was the good surprise. I have two suggestions for this software: 1- It would be great if it actually played the video files and we could change pitch (transpose) our video karaokes with it. 2- This one is a MUST! There should be volume control within the app! There is no way to change volume! you have to get back out on windows to do that!

Peter · 5/2/2013
Awesome App!

The vocal removal works very nicely on most of my music and is great fun for singing along. And now the pitch shift allow me to get the song in my singing range. All in all, a sweet app!

Stephen · 3/13/2013
Now with pitch shifting

The latest release includes support for pitch shifting so that songs can be played back in keys beyond the one in which it was originally recorded, even if you're not utilizing the vocal removal feature (which, due to the algorithms employed, by design doesn't work with all recordings).

Reviewer 3334 · 5/10/2015
SovannaRath user

the good app, I this app will be upgrade for more useful!

Melody · 8/15/2014
Exactly What I Needed

The pitch changer works perfectly and the vocal removal works for most songs. Even though it doesn't work for every single song, this app has solved so many of my problems it still deserves 5 stars.

Nichole · 8/1/2014
Very fun app!!!

It works great!!! I have soooo much fun with this app!!!

Peyton · 9/14/2014
love it

I use this app for every audition! works so well

Janine · 4/28/2013
Love the pitch app

Well the app cannot really eliminate the voice 100%. But I think that depends on your mp3 file. But I really love the pitch slide. If only the resulting quality would be better. I could brag about it with my friends :)

Jason · 8/31/2015
not what I'm looking for

when i put vocal removal the whole song goes mute



  • Play audio files with a simple but elegant set of controls.
  • Use it full screen, snapped, or in the background.
  • Remove the primary vocals from standard audio recordings.
  • Pitch shift the audio to transpose it into a better key for you to sing along.
  • Save the audio without vocals and/or pitch shifted out to multiple audio file formats.

App details

Version notes

v1.3.1 This update includes a few minor new capabilities, including more options such as the ability to control the quality of saved audio files as well as the ability to open the audio of certain video files. v1.3 This update adds support for saving the modified audio out to a file (.wav, .mp3, .wma, .m4a), improves the UI (in particular to help the snapped view), adds a settings pane to allow user control over options like whether to automatically play songs when opened and what file format to use by default when saving audio, and includes several bug fixes. v1.2 This update adds support for pitch shifting, such that singers who want to sing along at higher or lower pitches can do so. Vocal removal and pitch shifting can be enabled independently. This update also adds support for live tiles. v1.1 This update enables background audio playback, adds support for sharing, and sports a much improved user experience. v1.0.1 This update improves the performance and responsiveness of the app, adds the ability to start playback from arbitrary positions in the audio, incorporates song metadata into the UI, and includes other bug fixes. v1.0 Initial release.

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