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Dan · 1/16/2013

10 minute minimum...

Michael · 10/10/2012

I don't like it

User · 9/1/2013

It does Not have a time limit if you buy it and change the duration on "Settings" to "limitless." Just what I needed for clients. Easy SkyDrive upload; download PC software to transfer to PC.

TC · 2/28/2013

Simple and to the point. Works very well. Suggestions for enhancements: * Provide some method for auto-uploading to SkyDrive when on WiFi (or Cell Data if manually specified) * Provide method for multiply selecting for upload to SkyDrive * Don't auto-play when recording is pressed. I tried to rename a file and it started playing in a rehearsal. * Show if song is already in SkyDrive If either the multiple select or auto-upload on WiFi were options, I'd buy the pro version of this in a heartbeat.

kevin · 2/25/2013

Simple and uploads to SkyDrive, perfect. One star less because no option to store into my music library, which I think is the only flaw in this app... Love that it is simple easy UI

Floyd · 2/14/2013

Easy to use and good accessibility but recordings are limited to ten minutes which is a huge drawback. 😒

Conrad · 10/15/2012

Clean UI, uploads to SkyDrive... Good app :)

CarloSinperM 14 · 6/30/2012

Simple and useful

BryanGopan · 1/22/2012

Clean interface but if u lock and turn off the screen , then it doesn't function at the background .

EternaLiberty · 12/25/2011

Clean simple interface. No unnecessary clutter. Respects privacy by not asking for phone/owner identity, and it's FREE! App loads quickly, and it's fast to start recording. One MAJOR flaw though: if you delete one of the recordings numbered in the middle and out of sequence, a glitch overwrites the last recording made instead of making a new file (eg if you have recordings 1, 2, & 3 and delete #2, when you try to record #4, it will overwrite #3 instead of making #4. If they fix the glitch I'd give it a solid five stars.


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