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Travis · 12/25/2012

Just slows down or speeds up whatever you say into it. Pretty crummy.

User · 12/19/2012

All it does is changes pitch. Pretty boring after a couple of times.

brandon · 1/27/2014

Wish I could share on YouTube because I made alot of remix songs👍😆

earl · 12/25/2012

this app is cool. its exactly what it says it is. simple and fun. :)

Enrique · 12/24/2012

Doesn't work in real time, doesn't really change pitch, it just changes the speed of playback of a recorded stream. UI is awkward.

Jaime · 12/18/2012

Good times making fun of the wife with this app

Alex · 12/14/2012

Lol its cool af! Fun app works everytime...maybe you can make it so that we would be able to change the pitch while its playing. =)

alayna · 5/27/2015

This is not that great it never saved anything you record or anything like that. :(

kiana · 11/12/2014

I luv this app just they NEED TO STOP WITH ALL THE STUPID ADDS AND POP UPS !!!!!!!!they need to make the app more explanatory but it took me a while to figure out the whole thing but the app is awesome once you figure out to work it . I had to explain it to my brother but now he gets it . So ill say the app Is pretty cool 😎. Actually awesome cuz you could be recording sum1 and they wont even know . I can go to school 🏫 and make fun of my friends . ITS FUN ,AWESOME , AND HILARIOUS when I finally tell my friends why I'm laughing 😆 at them .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kachal · 2/21/2015

Good but nt enaF !


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