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Dan · 11/7/2012

Would have been awesome if we knew about this before it was too late.

Clancy · 11/6/2012

Simple and contains some beneficial information; wish I had seen this before I mailed my ballot. Noticed Ballot measure descriptions appeared to be cut off, but still provides more information than had been on the ballot. Overall App design could have utilized more of the WP7/8 stylization, however, sometimes simple is best. ~Pleasantly surprised~

Wade · 11/6/2012

Pretty good app, but the accuracy of how Congressional members voted seems lacking, i.e. I know how my representative voted on some issues and the app has all votes as "No" votes. Would appreciate info/listings of local ballot items in addition to the national and state items. All the information should be able to be acquired from each state's Secretary of State office.

David · 10/21/2012

Sweet application! Good job encouraging people to vote. :) Remember, when it comes to voting, if you aren't crazy about either candidate, vote for the lesser of two evils. Never just give up even if you aren't a huge fan of either of them.

Derek · 10/21/2012

Excellent! Really good informative app. Hope they expand to carry local info ballot info too.

Martha · 10/20/2012

Clean, clear, & concise. Nicely done. A little sensitive: I was triggering items just scrolling.

Andrew · 10/16/2012

Fantastic tool for preparing to vote!

Eléonore · 9/10/2013

This app is obsolete, it was made for the 2012 election. Obviously, it's not going to work well anymore!

Alfred · 10/21/2012

Lots of information about all the candidates. Localization feature is extremely helpful!

Stacey · 11/7/2012

Would be nice if it showed live polls, and actually submitted the voting registration electronically on your behalf.


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