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You will need to sign in with a participating TV provider account to start watching live and to see the most recently aired episode of your favorite ABC shows on demand. It’s included in your participating TV subscription service.

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Andrew · 7/20/2015

Works very well, exercises windows phone capabilities, the only issue I have is when I don't have quite fast enough internet, but it is close the video clips a bit, but that only happens when I'm near the edge of my router's reach, and is not a significant issue at all.

Reviewer 7348 · 7/29/2015
Best of the broadcasting aps

I love this app! While it won't allow me to watch the most recent episodes without signing into one of the listed cable providers, it allows me to watch episodes a week behind without that restriction.

Shelly · 7/10/2015

I live in an apartment and can NOT get a decent TV signal! So I made the error and DARED to think that this app might help solve part of my problem! Being disabled I can not begin to afford a paid TV service provider! Even if I could, why should I have to pay to watch TV!?!?!? I mean, isn't that the VERY REASON that I have to be subjected to commercials!?!?!?! Then if I DO pay for a TV provider I STILL have to deal with commercials!! That issue aside, THIS APP is USELESS if you choose to not use a paid service OR CAN'T AFFORD ONE!!! I AM SO SICK OF THE OUT OF CONTROL CORPRATE GREED!!!

Reviewer 7777 · 5/13/2015
Horrible App

I'm not sure which is worse, this app or ABCs web experience. App constantly crashes on launch. Ford\rewind control does not work at all and ads consistently cause app to crash. Wish there was an option below a star. One of the worst apps I have used and, speaking as an app developer, an embarrassment to ABC that they have destroyed a good user experience with it. That's not saying the web experience is any better but, geez, fix this junk so users have an option. Also, who needs to watch so many commercials over and over again. Every time there's an issue with the app you have to repeat everything. A history would be nice to start where you left not start over.

Steven · 6/17/2015

Can authenticate to cable provider, but still can't watch any videos on Lumia 635. Keep getting "Error Code: 404. Unable to retrieve content. Please fix. Use to really love this app.

Reviewer 3079 · 6/2/2015

The last few weeks my show listing does not show anymore. I archived the app and redownloaded app to perhaps correct the problem, did not. I really like the app, just no show listing

Frederick · 4/15/2015
Works great

Unless you're using Windows 10 Technical Preview. It hangs on the opening ads with it. But it works fine in 8.1. I do wish it had volume control, but otherwise no complaints.

Reviewer 2279 · 4/29/2015
Doesn't honor Cable provider subscription

I have Comcast and I was able to successfully log into my XFinity account and watch my ABC shows. However after closing the app and reopening the app, it clearly displays XFinity in the corner, but will not actually log into my account to grant me the permissions to view my shows. There is no way to log out of the cable subscriber account and re-enter the information even when the app is uninstalled and re-installed.

Turina · 4/26/2015

I used to watch ABC and use this app all the time but now I get error 404 messages. :| Please fix and I'll re-install

season · 3/15/2015
App is terrible

This app sucks. I was so excited to get the app to watch shows I don't get to watch when I'm at work, but it keeps disconnecting from my server even when everything else on my computer is connected, I keep getting some kind of error, and when it does play it stalls a lot. I've had to uninstall and reinstall at least three times in the hopes that the app will work right. Nothing. Apparently more people are having problems with the app as well. I wish they would fix the problems. Thinking of switching over to hulu plus.

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