• Watch ESPN's live networks.
  • Watch on demand clips of the latest news and highlights.

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New in version 1.1 Added SEC, SEC+ and Longhorn Network channels Bug Fixes

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Gary · 8/2/2015

Great app, ESPN. I use it a lot, and thorough enjoy it. The picture quality is great, and I love the different perspectives we get on the up-close cams for baseball games. Highly recommend this to anyone!

L · 8/3/2015
Works well

Works most of the time, however does drop out occasionally.

Reviewer 7751 · 8/3/2015
Nice, but problems under Windows 10

This is becoming one of my favorite apps, but after a few days, it quit working in Windows 10. I uninstalled it with the intention of reinstalling it and ran into nothing BUT problems. I couldn't download it or other apps from the App Store. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars. There MUST be some way to safely uninstall apps.

Tom · 7/18/2015
much better than the nbc sports live app

it works every time and it continue to work if the event runs longer than scheduled unlike the nbc sports app which often doesn't work at all and always stops working when the scheduled time passes

David · 7/31/2015
Great!... When it Works

Using it on a PC (mouse and keyboard). The layout's clean and smooth, but refreshing currently airing programs can be a pain. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to say "An error has occurred" when using the app with Win10 - it didn't do it with Win8.1. Hopefully, ESPN can update the app soon to have full compatibility with the new OS.

Reviewer 7640 · 7/15/2015
Excellent Access

Despite not being as accessible as it was back in the days of "ESPN360," Watch ESPN still provides great access to on-demand content. It would be sweet to see a return to the days when you could tune into an event late and then rewind to the beginning rather than having to wait until the event is available for replay.

Mike · 7/20/2015

Works great most of the time, flaked a couple of times watching the Open, had to restart, but pretty good otherwise.

Thomas · 7/20/2015
Sports the way it should be

Best sports on Windows by far. It was very easy to set up. It provides the full content of the ESPN Networks. It looks and feels like a Windows 10 app.

Nigel · 7/2/2015
A pleasant surprise

This tile works great on the computer, and best of all, no commercials. It does cut out a bit from my phone when I chromecast to the tele, but the quality is great and stream is fantastic.

Reviewer 5155 · 7/13/2015
Very Good experience with this

I use this a lot to watch tennis matches (those that are broadcast on ESPN). I use on the computer as well as through Roku, love it! Once in a while I do have problems with the windows app rebooting, but for the most part, pretty good. I would love to see multiple screens like available on the watch ESPN website. This works better than the website for me.

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