• Search and add favorite shows to your Watchlist
  • Mark seen episodes (or last seen)
  • Synchronize shows with Trakt.tv and get social feeds
  • View and search twitter posts about your favorite shows
  • Live Tile, badge and toast notifications
  • Get recommendations based on highest ratings
  • Share any information about your Watchlist
  • Links to IMDb, Wikipedia, TheTVDB, Facebook and YouTube for every show
  • Follow RSS feeds to keep up with the latest news
  • Create custom lists to add your shows to
  • Save and restore your Watchlist database
  • Change the time offset for notifications of new episodes
  • Rearrange your lists and shows on the home page with semantic zoom
  • Rate your favorite shows
  • Pin show pages on the Start screen

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Version Notes

Watchlist is now using Trakt v2 API! You can now unfollow shows you're no longer watching.

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James · 8/2/2015
Works on Windows 10

Now under Windows 8 and 8.1 the App keeps crashing a few seconds after startup. It's usable on Windows 10 (TP). In 2014 it was the best Windows 8 app for TV shows. The past 6 months the problems started after the big update and got worse ever since. Now that Windows 10 is officially shipping, Watchlist has become much more stable.

Steve · 7/10/2015

I love this app. I juggle many shows and this helps me to keep track of where I left off.

Reviewer 2062 · 7/8/2015
Effective and efficient.

One of my favorite apps. Keeps me posted on I want to see next on Roku. Accurate, reliable, easy to use, with an attractive interface.

Carl · 6/19/2015

App is now broken, please update!

Johnny · 3/24/2015
Great for tracking

great app for keeping up with the series I watch

Justin · 2/14/2015
Trakt doesn't work

App is great except Trakt no longer works. Now I have to find another app to take its place.

Miguel · 3/15/2014
stability questionable

interesting app, but so far most of my experience is crashes... I hope that update will fix this soon, otherwise, I'll be moving on to something else

J. J. · 12/22/2013
Not up-to-date

2013 Lilyhammer is absent and 2012 does not display correctly. Atlantis uses the BBC as opposed to the American BBC for its' air dates. Makes one wonder just what else is a miss.

Reviewer 4585 · 10/4/2013

Isn't this why I program my DVR? Now if this app let you watch the show it would be interesting. Really its a TV Guide only not as good. What is the use of this anyhow.? Do not Recommend

Craig · 3/6/2013
Good App

Would be a great app if it didn't keep losing my data and was a bit faster.

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