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Belva · 8/31/2015

How cool and cute!! Love the app soooooo much, I'll spread and share it for sure! Thanks for such a fabulous contributing.

Siri · 8/26/2015
Not as good as on Android but great crowd sourced data.

Great for commuting for the unknown little streets when there's a jam on the highway. Unlike the regular navigation apps, the crown sourced traffic info is up to date and accurate.

Juan Carlos · 8/22/2015

First, let me set this straight: I hate Google with a passion because their shady practices. Now into Waze, it is one of the best nav apps for any platform including WP despite not being updated for WP since 2013. Two main issues (with workarounds): 1) Voice suddenly stops working (solved by changing settings to a different voice and/or changing away from named streets) and 2) not being able to communicate with routing server despite having 4G-LTE (solved by switching phone to max speed of 4G in settings). It's been almost three years since Google (grasp) stole this fine piece of software but amazes me how neither Here Drive or other of the traditional apps or even Bing/Msft have come with anything remotely similar. (had a $475 HTC8X for 3 years, now I am running with an even better $100 Lumia 640).

David · 8/25/2015

Great app! I just wish that it would be updated to the 5 star program it is on other platforms.

Brian · 8/10/2015

As others have said... Sadly this app is no longer supported. A few tips... 1) if you WP has "on screen" buttons... They will cover the TOC Accept check boxes during first run. Hint: Swipe up from bottom edge of screen to hide buttons and reveal check boxes. 2) on my 640, waze does not recognize LTE data connection and will have many issues during first launch... And shutdown after future launches because it doesn't think there is data. Hint: Change your cellular data setting to 4G and open the app. Fwiw

Dorota · 8/3/2015
Oh well...

It could be a great alternative to other navigation. Android performs very well, I just love it ("switched" from HERE). However, as already mentioned, there is no plans for any updates on WP platform. If the application works smoothly - I could keep it, but closing the program after just start, not finding a GPS signal, or the inability to connect with friends from facebook totally disqualify it for everyday use. It's a pity, a great pity ...

Michael · 8/18/2015

There is no need for you to download this app. The app basically no longer works. Google owns the app, and there are no new updates. The last update broke the voice navigation. You can't use it while driving since there are no voice prompts. It's a terrible way to treat users, and this tactic by Google isn't going to make me switch to Android or iOS.

Michael · 8/17/2015

Voice navigation not working, and hangs up trying to calculate longer routes... But, definitely handy for looking at traffic and such-glad to have this as a Windows app, even with a couple of glitches...

User · 8/27/2015

What happened to this app?? I used to love this app but now all of a sudden the voice navigation stopped working. Please fix!

User · 8/16/2015

Always crashes when calculating longer routes. It will navigate to any city but the one I need of course. Used to swear by Waze... Now I'm looking for a better app as I drive for work and need reliability.


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