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zk · 7/20/2015

Ok guys, here's a comment from reddit. First off, I already know that Waze isn't currently updating the Windows Phone app. I still use Waze, because I still haven't managed to find any alternatives that I prefer. Today, I submitted a bug report to Waze regarding a minor issue I'd encountered with the app. I was immediately greeted with an auto-reply email containing the following passage (emphasis mine). "New versions of the Waze app are not currently optimized for the Windows Phone platform, since the vast majority of Waze users are on iOS or Android devices. We are monitoring the Windows Phone install rate and will certainly reconsider if there is significant uptake." Conclusion: We're all frustrated that Waze isn't maintaining their WP app. If you want them to change that, the best thing you can do is just install the app. If nobody's downloading/using it, we can hardly fault them for concluding that maintaining the app isn't worth the investment.

Graciano · 7/21/2015

I used to use this on a daily basis to and from work to avoid traffic. Came back from deployment 9 months later and now it just closes the application whenever I enter a destination. So sad. I really hope this isn't because of the acquisition of Waze by Google. If that is the case, you have lost another user. Let's hope for an update and some camaraderie between two tech companies...the last part is very doubtful.

Allison · 7/15/2015

I gave the Android version 5 stars, but the Windows version isn't nearly as good: - Update 7/15/2015: Voice navigation has not worked for the past few weeks. I have looked at the web forums, and it looks like ALL Windows Phone users are having this problem. Cortana does voice navigation with Traffic reports. I will be using that from now on. - Phone spontaneously restarts when using, which can be very dangerous when you're relying on it while driving. - Giant ads get placed in the middle of the screen. - Screen does not auto-rotate. - The app lags at times, and it's easy to miss a turn due to this.

Ákos · 7/21/2015

Great navigation app with the best possible traffic data - BUT it keeps crashing for many destinations upon entering them. Very frustrating!! Hope that it continues to get updates for Windows Phone.

Tyler · 7/21/2015

I loved Waze...but with Google no longer offering support for Windows phones, I've had to start using a different app. If the sound for navigation would start working again, I would be sooo happy. But sadly, without it this app isn't very useful anymore :(

Tom · 7/15/2015

Couldn't find a way to add friends. I compared the windows app to the iPhone app and discovered that the ios app has an easy way to add/find friends. Until feature parity is reached, this app much less useful than it is for other platforms

James · 7/25/2015
Please keep Waze on Windows Phone

This app saves me so much time i hate to think how much more i will spend behind the wheel if it goes away. I would pay $ for this app, why not a paid version?

John · 7/17/2015

Waze was the absolutely best navigation app for Windows phone. ...WAS. I'm running a Lumia 920 with 8.1 and over the past couple of months the messages can no longer be read and more recently the sound has stopped working. I still find myself wanting to use it, but it's just not as safe since you have no voice nav or alert sounds and have to constantly look at the screen for directions and warnings. I'm afraid I'll have to switch to something else.

Jack · 7/12/2015

Great app. I really like the fact it shows you gas stations and D&Ds.

Joe · 7/15/2015

A once great app hobbled to near uselessness. Waze was once my favorite app, but over time more and more features have stopped working. I don't know whether Windows Phone updates are making Waze less stable or if Waze is disabling features, but voice no longer works & app hangs much more often than it used to. If they fix it, I'll gladly use it again, but for now I'm grudgingly using Here Drive.